IGEL UD Pocket – Work no matter where you are

Working from home and in remote locations around the world has become part of our everyday life. It can also become necessary to enable temporary, remote access to workplaces if an office becomes inaccessible due to a natural disaster or other issue. With the UD Pocket and the Bechtle Cloud, you can have flexible access to your virtual desktop with BYOD and home office as well as mobile workplaces. 


Home office with the UD Pocket – Simply plug in and away you go. 

For enterprises that already use a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), having IGEL OS on end devices makes it possible to start working from home straight away thanks to the UD Pocket—the IGEL OS on a USB stick. No bigger than a paper clip, it can be connected to any x86 device that can be booted from a USB. Your organisation’s VDI/cloud solution is simply expanded to the location your employees are. This means that users can work in the environments they know and trust from the office or in the assigned Cloud Workspaces via Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Amazon and many others. 


Enterprise-level security regardless of end device 

The IGEL UD Pocket for the home office is as secure as fixed end devices in the company network. No data is transferred and local data cannot be copied or moved to the company environment. As soon as the end device with the IGEL OS installed is visible on the internet, it can be located by an in-house UMS and can be managed just like any other company device. And when the computer is switched off or the UD Pocket is unplugged, the end device continues to work with its original operating system, all without accessing the corporate infrastructure.


Agile working is no longer just an experiment—it’s the norm.

Want to see the benefits for yourself?

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