Intel Xeon Prozessor

The scalable Intel® Xeon® processors.


The scalable Intel® Xeon® processors are the foundation for data-centric innovations, opening up a whole range of possibilities, particularly through the processors’ hardware-based security and flexible service delivery. Performance demanding and sophisticated applications such as in-memory analysis, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high-performance computing (HPC), network transformation as well as hybrid cloud infrastructures are easily supported.

    Power for faster results.
    Agile provisioning of services to enable faster and more scalable multi-cloud environments.
    Reliability with hardware-strengthened security to protect your data.

    To give you a small insight into the popular scalable 2nd generation processors, here is a small overview with the most important information.


    Intel® Xeon® Bronze processors.

    Intel® Xeon® Bronze processors are the best entry-level model for smaller businesses and a basic memory server delivering affordable performance and hardware-enhanced security features. In addition, these processors come with reliable 2-socket scalability and support a maximum of 6 cores.

    Intel Xeon Prozessor Bronze
    Intel Xeon Prozessor Silber


    Intel® Xeon® Silver processors.

    With Intel® Xeon® Silver processors, you get fundamental performance, improved RAM speed and energy efficiency. They are a step up on Bronze processors required in an entry-level data centre environment. A maximum of 16 cores are supported.


    Intel® Xeon® Gold processors.

    With up to 4-socket scalability and up to 18 or 24 cores, the Intel® Xeon® Gold processors are designed for high workloads. They feature improved performance characteristics, advanced reliability and hardware security thanks to higher memory capacities and speeds. The Intel® Xeon® Gold processors have been designed for demanding standard data centres, multi-cloud computing, and network/storage workloads.

    Intel Xeon Prozessor Gold
    Intel Xeon Prozessor Platinum


    Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors.

    2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors lay the foundations for constant, flexible hybrid-cloud data centres. They have been specially designed for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, machine learning, analyses and multi-cloud loads, made possible by impressive system data processing performance with two, four or more than eight processors. They also deliver exceptional performance and support the highest native DDR memory bandwidth of any Intel® Xeon® platform.

    Intel® Xeon® Prozessoren der 3. Generation
    Intel® Xeon® Prozessoren der 3. Generation

    The most advanced technology with the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors.

    Data-centric workloads such as AI and analyses require ever greater server performance. IT modernisation enables faster development and deployment as well as scalable performance and infrastructure efficiency for your data centre. The right infrastructure can help you to achieve all these innovations.


    Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) was introduced in the scalable 2nd Generation Intel ® Xeon processors. This significantly accelerates AI inference performance, which in turn enables you and your organisation to run demanding inference workloads on your infrastructure. This technology keeps performance at a constant level so there is no degradation.



    Why choose 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors for AI-inference and training?

    The latest innovations delivered by the 3rd Generation scalable Intel® Xeon® processors combine exceptional performance per core with up to 224 processor cores per 8-socket server, making them the first all-purpose CPUs that integrate and provide bfloat16 support. This is an Intel® DL Boost feature designed to significantly accelerate and expand AI training and inference compared to the scalable 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® processors.


    The most popular AI systems have been performance-optimised to make the most of the latest features while maximising AI performance on 3rd Generation scalable Intel® Xeon® processors. This means you have a range of universal and cost-saving options for expanding, maximising and efficiently improving your IT infrastructure using the latest Intel technologies.

    Intel technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No product or component can be absolutely secure.

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