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The benefits and opportunities afforded by digital classrooms have been a mainstay in feature articles, expert panels and curricula for many years. But what would it be like to go back to school and experience this new technology in the classroom for yourself—with iPads, individual learning progress and asynchronous lessons? With digital whiteboards that can be used by the entire class? With whiteboard content simply sent to a student’s smartphone? Would we spend even more time just staring at our screens? Or would we learn more effectively, with a greater focus on our individual strengths and weaknesses, with enough time to ask questions?


Digital learning opens up incredible opportunities. But, of course, it all depends on how it’s used. A coherent strategy is essential to ensure that we aren’t simply giving our children yet another screen to sit in front of. That’s why Bechtle has signed up to Germany’s federal education pact. For years, we’ve been gathering the necessary experience and expertise in our Schools Competence Centre to provide education authorities and schools with advising, planning and implementation services for their digital education strategies.


Together with our partners, we rely on established solutions and tools that have proven their worth in real-life situations. We work with you to examine your circumstances on site and provide vendor-neutral advice. We also offer leasing and financing models. Who wouldn’t want to go back to school and discover a whole new world of possibilities with tools as enticing as these? So, let’s redefine the notion of the classroom—you might be surprised what you discover.

Acer TravelMate Spin B1.

If a notebook is going to be used in the classroom, it has to be robust and affordable. The TravelMate Spin B1 is that and much more: the screen can be rotated 360° for use as a notebook or tablet. Acer for Education designed the Spin B1 for the classroom—and it shows in the details. Its durable display, spill-resistant chiclet keyboard, Active Stylus for note-taking, long battery life and drop protection tested to US military standards all make the Spin a durable classroom companion.


Acer also offers additional compelling products for everyday use at school. The Acer Swift 1 fits in all school bags and is extremely lightweight. Acer’s short-throw projectors enable strikingly sharp images, even in small rooms. The Acer Chromebox featuring Chrome OS is an affordable alternative to expensive desktop PCs. The B227Qbmiprx monitor, with its small form factor and fantastic value for money, and the Acer UT241Ybmiuzx monitor, which delivers impressive multi-touch functionality, are both perfect for classroom use.








Apple iPad.

To really fire up the synapses, learning must be both challenging and fun. That’s why students love the new iPad—a small, handy and powerful device that’s also easy to use.


It’s equipped to handle any school day, featuring an impressive 24.6 cm (9.7") Retina display, powerful A10 Fusion chip, Apple Pencil support, fast Wi-Fi, all-day battery life and two great cameras. Built-in apps such as Clips, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, along with fantastic educational apps available in the App Store, support and awaken your students’ creativity and productivity. Learning has never been this fun!








Dell C7520QT.

The haptic capability of the Dell C7520QT is taking group work to a new level: the already impressive 189.2 cm (74.5") monitor supports up to 20 hands simultaneously. Write with a stylus, erase with your hand—with virtually zero lag. Students and teachers alike can interact with the touch monitor to contribute to collaborative projects

Anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings prevent distracting reflections and messy fingerprints. Buttons on the side of the panel let you adjust the height of the robust monitor to accommodate both kids and adults. In addition, the monitor is compatible with most standard programs. Thanks to numerous extraordinary features, this Dell device is not only visually stunning, but also offers a first-rate productivity tool empowering everyone to participate.







Surface Go for Education.

Add momentum to your classroom with the elegant, handy and powerful Surface Go, customising it with the Surface Pen and Surface Go Signature Type Cover to meet your needs.


Thanks to Microsoft 365 and Windows Pro 10, you’ll be able to get the most out of Microsoft’s education-geared solutions. Offer your class a learning experience that maximises their potential using the right tools—and give each student the attention they deserve! The lightweight, high-performance Surface Go adds a whole new dimension to learning and teaching.








Samsung Flip – das digitale Flipchart.

Society may be well into the digital age, but we still prefer to write with pens. Nevertheless, the chalkboards and overhead projectors of our childhood have slowly but surely become relics of the past. For some time now, modern schools have relied on smart solutions like the Samsung Flip. This innovative, interactive flip chart offers the natural, familiar feeling of writing—with many more options than your old blackboard ever did. And you can throw those dusty erasers away!


Teachers can project high-resolution content from their smartphones, tablets or notebooks onto the Samsung Flip, opening up a trove of possibilities for creative, relaxed teaching and learning. And once class is over, they can send students the lesson by e-mail or conveniently save it for next time. Content is protected by a PIN code to prevent changes by nimble students’ hands.


The 139.7 cm (55.0") display can be used horizontally or vertically, and the mobile stand lets you move it wherever you need to.








Digital Pact

Germany’s federal government has introduced the Digital Pact for Schools to pave the way for digital resources in the classroom. The 5 billion euro investment, which came into effect in May with Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek's signature, will drive digitalisation in schools. Funds can be requested directly from the relevant federal state.


 Teachers, students and parents alike have high expectations, as the technology currently used by many schools is woefully outdated. The key question now is how best to apply these newly afforded technical opportunities for an entirely new learning experience. Read our white paper to find out everything there is to know about implementing technology in schools.


Our experts at the Schools Competence Centre in Mainz are eager to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have about the Digital Pact.

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