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Wireless headsets with world-leading security from Jabra.


More power, more security, more Jabra!


Let’s be honest ...

what do you think about eavesdropping? Everybody knows that data spying is a risk, but the interception of telephone calls is also high on the agenda of security experts as an IT security issue.


Eavesdropping on telephone conversations using wireless devices has become a serious problem. In a business environment, cybercrime has long since extended to personal customer conversations containing sensitive data and information.



More security in wireless networks.

The damage caused to companies by cybercrime in 2016 was estimated at 388 billion dollars and attacks have risen by almost half in four years Every German company is affected with, on average, damages amounting to around 7.5 million US dollars.


That's why security has to start from the very beginning: with wireless and therefore vulnerable communication. With the Engage series, Jabra offers rises to this challenge. The Engage series presents a new generation of wireless DECT headsets which have been designed for use in professional environments.


Jabra Engage: the world’s most secure wireless headsets.

They offer fantastic user comfort, outstanding functionality and an impressive sound experience— everything your employees need for direct customer contact by phone. With its security features, the Engage series surpasses all other headsets on the market and goes far beyond the security of the leading Jabra Pro 9400 series.

Highest level of DECT security.

Wireless phones use DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) as a standard. During telephone calls, data is transmitted between the base and headset and protected by encryption. DECT security is categorised in levels A, B and C. The higher the level, the better the security.


The Jabra Engage series meets all three security levels and uses FIPS 140-2 encryption algorithms, which even meet military standards. Jabra Engage offers the strongest level of encryption in a professional DECT headset thanks to the AES 256-bit key used. Jabra Engage renews encryption every minute, providing excellent protection against decryption.


The Jabra Engage-Series.

The power of conversation.


  • Better connection to your customers. Wireless connection with a range of up to 150 metres.


  • Enhance user experience. Guaranteed crystal-clear sound quality even in the loudest office thanks to the enhanced speaker and microphone with noise cancellation technology.


  • Higher productivity. Up to 13 hours of talk time¹ and integrated busylight lets colleagues know you are not to be disturbed.


  • Better availability. Connect up to five devices² simultaneously and increase the availability of your team.


  • Support different ways of working. Choose between stereo and mono models, as well as the lightest convertible headsets available in this category - so everyone can find the Jabra Engage that suits them.


Your Advantages:




  • Better charging. The micro USB cable integrated into the base enables the headset to be charged quickly and easily.


  • Better usability. We listened to feedback from our users and designed the headset with separate buttons to adjust volume, answer and end calls and mute the line, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.


  • New base. A slim base with a smaller footprint than the Jabra Pro 9400.














Jabra Engage 75/65 Stereo/Mono.

The world's most powerful, professional, wireless headset.*


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* Applies to Jabra Engage 75/65 stereo and mono versions. 19.02.2018 - See facts on claims. 1). *Depending on model 2). Further details can be found in our white paper -  "lmproving DECT density in the office".