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Seeing is believing, but hearing is truly experiencing.


Jabra purposely engineer products to elevate not just what you hear, but how you hear it. Those products are engineered to perform brilliantly – whatever situation you’re in. As an audio innovation partner for some of Red Bull’s incredible athlete projects, like Max Stöckl Takes on Streif, Jabra built a microphone engineered to perform in the most extreme environments. Engineered for you. 


The Jabra X Microphone is designed to record in some of the most challenging environments on Earth and brings superior audio that lets you get as close as possible to the action.


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Discover the potential of the new Jabra X Microphone:

An Evolve for everyone, and a Speak to suit –

Engineered for enhanced productivity in the office, off site and on the go.

Jabra Evolve 65t

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Jabra Evolve 65e

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Jabra Evolve 80

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Jabra Evolve 65

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Jabra Speak 710

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Jabra Evolve 75

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Why is collaboration more important than ever?

Collaboration is one of those words that can be defined in many ways. In a business context, collabo­ration is the act of getting people together within an organization, either physically or virtually, to turn problems into solutions.


Every time you return a call from a co-worker, discuss a project with a colleague, or conduct a teleconference, you’re participating in an activity that has been moving civilization forward since the beginning of time.

Are We Collaborating or Just Meeting?

Productive collaboration is as necessary and important today as ever. Yet it often seems that our ability to do it effectively has been replaced by the act of “booking yet another meeting”. The truth is, we can collaborate so much better than we are currently. How? By not just deploying new tools and technologies but encouraging employees to embrace and use them to their full potential. By finding paths to more productive teamwork. By transforming mindless meetings and e-mail ping-pong into spirited, problem-solving sessions.


Want to know more on how we can enhance the productivity in your organization?

 Power customer satisfaction with Jabra Engage wireless headsets.

  • Industry-leading wireless performance and density.
  • Advanced noise cancelling microphone for crystal clear calls.
  • All day talk time and integrated busylight.
  • Choice of wearing options to suit every workstyle.

Jabra Engage Headsets

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