New Ways of Working philosophy.


Many organisations have employees using non-productive ways of working, yet initiatives that improve productivity are too often achieving the opposite. New technology and office designs are introduced as a positive influence, but are instead detracting from productivity. The challenge is overcoming this paradox to achieve the ‘flexible, productive and wise work’ that is within reach.

How Jabra meets these challenges.

A lot of issues with today’s working environment are about two common factors: sound and technology. Jabra works specifically with audio and unified communications solutions that improve the modern work space and enable individuals to hear more, do more and be more. The modern challenges are reflected in the products that we take to market.

Jabra’s philosophy on ‘New Ways of Working’ is the idea of organizing work towards realizing people’s full potential. Jabra wants to advocate managers and employees alike to make a conscious choice of work-modes depending on the task whether collaboration, concentration, conversation or communication.


Concentration is about making good decisions by turning information into knowledge.


Communication is transference of knowledge independent of time and location.


Collaboration is the most powerful tool to turn complex problems into valuable solutions. Bring new knowledge into play with colleagues or business partners.


Conversations between two people, who genuinely listen, understand and talk to impact behaviour, is the most effective tool to elevate the value of human interactions.

Organisations should continually ask themselves:
  • Who is responsible for productivity in the modern workplace?
  • How do we enable better productivity?
  • How do we measure the impact of better productivity?
Join the ‘New Ways of Working’ initiative

Jabra’s ‘New Ways of Working’ initiative is a joint initiative that involves everybody who is struggling with changes in how we work, how we organise work and how we motivate employees and colleagues to be part of the journey. It advocates a reflection on how to best design work for improving the four Cs: concentration, conversation, communication and collaboration, and in turn becoming more innovative, productive, and successful.


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