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To help you become GDPR compliant.*


Why physical security matters.

Securing data against hacking and malware is top of mind for many organisations, however many fail to adequately address the physical security of IT hardware. This latest GDPR whitepaper sets out suitable security solutions for your enterprise.

Kensington – GDPR compliance
Kensington – GDPR compliance
Kensington – GDPR compliance

Kensington docking stations with integrated locking systems.

With the move to thinner form factors, today’s computing devices may not incorporate the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot™. However, it is a misconception to believe that such devices cannot be physically secured. Even devices without a security slot can be locked down to prevent opportunistic theft.


Kensington has unified its first-class docking station expertise with innovative security technology to create a revolutionary 2-in-1 connection and security solution. Each docking station provides a wide range of connection options and productivity, while reducing the risk of theft and optimising compliance with your company’s security regulations.


The Kensington Notebook Dock/Lock station secures ultra-slim notebooks from 27.9 cm (11") to 38.1 cm (15"), including models from Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo and those of other brands.

The LD4650P USB-C™ Universal Dock with digital K-Fob™ Smart Lock provides up to 10 Gbit/s data transfer with USB-C™ technology.


For single users:

For an even faster data transfer, Kensington offers the LD5400T Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock with K-Fob™ Smart Lock.


For single users:

In addition to securing your Surface™ Pro, the SD7000 offers outstanding connection options.

Kensington privacy filters.

Kensington privacy filters lower the risk of unwanted onlookers seeing confidential and valuable information. On-the-go or in the office, there’s now no need to change the way you sit just to stop prying eyes. Work in peace with Kensington privacy filters.



Touch screen compatible

Blue light filter

Easy to attach

Anti glare surface

Effective screen protection

Kensington also offers a wide range of 50,000 different privacy filters for a variety of screen sizes, brands, and models. Our privacy screen filter selector lets you find the right privacy filter for your device.


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Kensington cable locks.

Kensington MicroSaver® 2.0 and ClickSafe® 2.0 are suitable for devices with the standard Kensington Security Slot™ (T-bar™), that over 90% of all business devices globally have.

The Kensington N17 lock is for devices such as Dell Latitude 2017 and later models, and other select devices.

We also offer the NanoSaver™ keyed laptop lock, designed for devices with a Kensington Nano Security Slot™ (ultra-slim devices).

Not found the right lock? The Kensington notebook lock selector lets you easily find locks compatible with your device. Choose your brand, model, and product number or search via your input.



Kensington SecureTrek™ luggage.

Whether you’re in the office or on a business trip, protect your bag or luggage with the SecureTrek™ locking mechanism to ensure your mobile devices and other valuables stay secure. This means enhanced security in areas with high theft risk such as airports, hotels, or fairs. The ClickSafe® and MicroSaver® locks can be attached to the Kensington Security Slot.

Kensington peripherals with AES 128 encryption.

Mice, keyboards, and presenters with AES 128 encryption reduce the risk of wireless clicks and hackers pressing keys, protecting your private and confidential information.

Kensington Fingerprint Keys.

Compatible with Windows Hello™, Google G Suite, Azure, Active Directory, Dropbox, Github and others, the FIDO-certified VeriMark™ Fingerprint Keys provide a simple, fast and secure log-in.

Kensington security cabinets.

A fast and simple way of charging, syncing and securing multiple tablets and ultra-thin notebooks.

Consultation on physical IT security in your company.

Want to improve security standards and have a no-obligation, Kensington consultation on physical IT? We look forward to hearing from you.

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* Kensington products support you in becoming GDPR compliant
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