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Work from Home.

Are you ready for working from home?


In the coming weeks, working from home will increasingly become a reality for many of us. Make sure your employees’ home offices are equipped with the right IT accessories and automatically boost productivity. 


Kensington Maus Eingabegeräte
Input devices.

Use your time efficiently with Kensington input solutions. Our ergonomic and beautifully designed input devices work perfectly with your hardware and boost productivity so you can do more in less time.



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Kensington Dockingstationen Adapter
Docks and adapters.

Kensington has a wide range of connectivity solutions such as docking stations, hubs and adapters that guarantee that you can quickly and easily connect the peripherals you know and love.



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Kensington Dockingstationen Adapter
Kensington Ergonomie Mauspad

Kensington aims to increase well-being at the workplace with their ergonomic range that makes your working day more comfortable and efficient.



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Kensington Zubehör Sicherheit

From the invention of the first cable locks for computers to privacy filters and digital electronic locking, Kensington ensures that your devices are secure and data protected.



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Kensington Zubehör Sicherheit
Lock selector.


Not found the right lock? The Kensington notebook lock selector lets you easily find locks compatible with your device. Choose your brand, model, and product number or search via your input.


Kensington Zubehör Tasche
Bags and backpacks.

On the road or at home, IT equipment such as notebooks and tablets has to be securely stored away. With Kensington’s bags and protective cases, your devices are protected against theft and damage while keeping everything in the right place.



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