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Video bundles for meeting rooms.

Invest in scalable solutions so you can maintain social distancing in your meeting rooms. A BYOM solution (Bring Your Own Meeting) is the perfect choice when users shouldn’t share devices. Everyone brings their own notebook to take part in or chair a meeting.

Find your perfect video solution.

Identifying the requirements for each environment and use case is the key to finding the right solution and set-up. Look into our brochure to find the optimal video solution for any type of room.

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Bring Your Own Meeting.

It doesn’t matter the collaboration tool you are using—Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or something else entirely—Konftel video bundles guarantee a great meeting room experience.

True to its name, the Konftel OCC Hub is the heart of all our bundles ensuring your conference cameras, speakerphones and HDMI devices are linked up via the one-cable connection. Konftel video bundles support BYOM so that users can use the collaboration tool on any notebook with a USB port.

Konftel Meeting
Konftel  Beeindruckende Bildqualität
Impressive picture quality.

No matter which video bundle you choose, you can be sure you’ll be getting a camera that delivers sharp and crystal-clear pictures. The Konftel Cam50 USB camera delivers exceptional image quality in your video conferences and a fraction of the price of comparable PTZ conference cams. The Konftel Cam20 is no exception with its 4K camera and 123° angle of vision which is ideal for small rooms.

OmniSound® – Powerful and clear

Konftel’s OmniSound® full duplex technology delivers impressive, crystal-clear sound in both directions. Sensitive microphones with a 360° pick-up range highly and effective speakers make sure everyone is heard and meeting participants can be sure they can understand and be understood. We have solutions for all your needs, connections and conference sizes.

Konftel  OmniSound®
Konftel Funktionsweise
How it works.

Simple is best. That’s how we put together our video bundles and the Konftel OCC Hub makes sure that the solution is child’s play to set up and use.

Get to know the new Konftel C2070.

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