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LANCOM offers the world’s first complete solution for central network management.

Digitalisation is not just a trend, it’s a relentless, continual process. For enterprises, this means rethinking many areas and switching to new systems and applications. Traditional network infrastructures won’t simply be overburdened with the switch to a digital enterprise concept, they won’t be able to cope. The LANCOM Management Cloud centrally organises, optimises and controls your networks using software defined networking technology. A centrally managed, integrated network architecture encompassing all segments (WAN, LAN and WLAN), it lets enterprises react quickly and flexibly to new requirements whenever they arise.



  • Automatrf

  • Software-defined

  • Hyper-integrated


Live webinar: LANCOM Management Cloud – Hyper Integration for your network!!

When: 4 September, 11 am – 12 pm



The LANCOM Management Cloud.

One network. One solution. One view.

Fully automated, location independent configuration via a central interface.

The LANCOM Management Cloud has made the manual configuration of individual devices a thing of the past—software-defined technology (SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN) now delivers fully automated network orchestration.

 Complex network configurations,

previously requiring intense manual effort by certified IT professionals, are now reduced to just a few minutes and a few clicks.

Management and monitoring in a single system.The unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and the LANCOM premium portfolio encompasses all segments of the network infrastructure—the WAN, LAN, and WLAN. All of this is centrally designed, rolled out and monitored with just a few clicks—a web browser is all you need!


Premium portfolio: Gateways, routers, switches, access points.

The LANCOM Management Cloud is a holistic system that controls the entire network infrastructure. This is only possible through a perfectly compatible product portfolio: All gateways, all routers, all switches, and all access points are quickly and easily transferred to the Cloud-based network orchestration for a holistic SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SD-WLAN. You decide whether to switch your entire network over or whether to take it step by step: A gradual transition of your different locations is easy to implement.


Available as a public cloud or a private cloud.

You decide how you operate the LANCOM Management Cloud: The Public Cloud is centrally and securely hosted in Germany. It offers maximum scalability and data security for installations of any size. Or you host the system in your own data centre, either as your own installation or as a service provider for your customers.

The LANCOM Management Cloud can be used for these products, for instance:

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Doreen Riedrich

Phone: +49 7132 981 3703


Doreen Riedrich

Telefon: +49 7132 981 3703