Windows Server 2019:

The operating system that unifies on-premises with the cloud.

Secure the right Lenovo server for you.


Trust your Lenovo Server to run Microsoft’s proven operating systems, such as Windows Server® 2019, which have been fully tested for compatibility. Lenovo offers the Windows Server operating system—either pre-installed at the factory or as a Reseller Option Kit (ROK)—to fast-growing small businesses and demanding large corporations.

Unique hybrid platforms for data centres.


Simplify the migration process with powerful tools, which carry out inventories and migrate your data and security configurations from the old system to Windows Server 2019.


Create a link between on-premises systems and Microsoft Azure to get access to cloud-native applications and use Azure services such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.


Business continuity and security with Azure services including automatic data backup and recovery,


Reduce your operating costs with integrated Windows Server predictive analytics features. These analyse system data to create highly-precise predictions that help to minimise downtime and associated costs.


Enhance mobility and productivity with hybrid functions. Synchronise file servers, expand Active Directories and secure them in the cloud.

Bring your apps up to date quicker.


Modernise your apps with containers to accelerate rollout and support.


Improve your Linux operation by uniting your Linux and Windows containers simultaneously on Windows Server 2019 to enable your enterprise to run more isolated apps on a single system.


Simple management and administration processes including remote management functions, automatic password management, and the possibility to delegate management to other admins.

Switching couldn’t be easier with Lenovo.

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