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Tough, compact, powerful.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One PCs meet the Lenovo M Series Tiny Desktops.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 22, Tiny-in-One 24.

The next generation of unique and versatile All-in-One PCs.v

Following in the footsteps of the industry-changing first-generation ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One (TIO), the evolution of the unique form factor continues. Build your own PC: With the TIO, updating and upgrading is now child's play for large enterprises. The TIO can be configured with all ThinkCentre® compact desktop computers. The 54.6 cm (22") and 60.5 cm (23.8") modular All-in-One come with a sleek borderless design and integrated speaker.



NEW: Now available with touch (optional) and camera.


Lenovo ThinkCentre M710/M910 Tiny.

Think Big With a Tiny Desktop. Mini desktops with full functionality.

M Series Tiny desktops provide big-business performance with impressive processing power and 15 months of platform stability—all while remaining energy-efficient and saving you space. The compact ThinkCentre M910 Tiny desktop boasts a footprint so small it can fit neatly on a bookshelf, behind a monitor, or even under a desk. Engineered to work in the toughest environments, Tiny can handle anything from minor bumps to extreme temperatures and dusty conditions, so you can focus on growing your business and getting your work done.




Tiny Footprint, Big Statement.

At 96% smaller than a traditional desktop tower, the M910 Tiny is extremely compact. This tiny desktop fits just about anywhere and can be positioned horizontally or vertically—mount it on a wall, behind a monitor, or even under a desk. You can even power digital signage with a PC that’s easy to hide from view. It delivers reliable, professional-level performance, while freeing up valuable desk-space.


Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better.

Don’t be deceived by its miniature frame, as the ThinkCentre M710 Tiny punches well above its weight. Equipped with a 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor, you can power up in a flash. Intensive tasks like multimedia creation, graphic design, and number-crunching are a walk in the park.


Modular Design.

With the ThinkCentre M910 Tiny, you can create your own modular all-in-one PC. Simply use the Tiny inside the back of the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (TIO) display. Keep costs down when choosing to upgrade the display and computing power separately, and get more use from your assets over time.


Built for Business—Tested for Your Lifestyle.

The ThinkCentre M910 Tiny is built to last in any environment. It carries the Think name, which means it’s tested against military-specification requirements, as well as 200 rigorous quality checks. From enduring arctic temperatures of -20 degrees C, to desert heat of 60 degrees C, this device can more than handle the bumps and bruises of life.


Packs a Punch.

The ThinkCentre M710 features a small footprint yet delivers heavyweight performance. With up to three independent displays, or four displays in Mosaic Mode, this Tiny PC expands the limits of desktop computing to enable greater productivity. Ideal for financial and creative industries—and all your multimedia, multitasking needs.


Optional ThinkCentre Dust Shield.

Whether you’re operating in a workshop or just a regular office, dust can build up over time and affect performance and reliability. The ThinkCentre M710 Tiny has an optional dust shield that reduces dust intake, so your machine will last longer, with less maintenance. What's more, the dust filter has an interlocking design so it can be conveniently removed for cleaning, even when the Tiny is mounted.



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