Lenovo ThinkSystem Server &

Windows Server:

Power your business.

Trust your Lenovo Server to run Microsoft's proven operating systems, such as Windows Server® 2016, which have been fully tested for compatibility. Lenovo offers the Windows Server operating system - either pre-installed at the factory or as a Reseller Option Kit (ROK) - to fast-growing small businesses and demanding large corporations.

Benefits of Lenovo Reseller Option Kits.

  • Unrestricted downgrade rights
  • Unrestricted VM portability
  • Software Assurance can be added
  • Lenovo Windows Server ROK has been tested, optimised and certified for Lenovo server hardware.
  • 90 days of free phone support direct from Lenovo for installing, configuring and setting up hardware and ROK software.

Many Microsoft servers not only need licencing, but server access is also required. For example, to access a Windows Server and Exchange Server, you need appropriate access licences that are assigned to either a user or a device. A Client Access Licence (CAL) enables you to licence the access of users and devices to Microsoft servers, whose licencing model requires that access to server software is separately licenced.

Benefits of a Lenovo CAL.

  • Lenovo Windows Server and RDS OEM CALs are attractively priced and don't have the disadvantages of an open licence.
  • Lenovo CALs are not bound to any particular operating system licence form or OEM hardware.
  • Lenovo CALs are some of the most affordable on the market.

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