LG gram 2021 business models and LG USB Type-C monitors.


LG gram notebooks are the best addition to your mobile life. They’re ideal for use at the office or at home in combination with LG USB Type-C monitors.

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LG gram notebooks.
Lightweight giant.

Despite their screen size of 17", Business gram models are extremely lightweight—enabling you to take them with you wherever you go. These lightweight giants will maximise your productivity. There is a selection of 14, 16, and 17" models as well as Intel® i5 and i7 processors (Intel® Evo platform). 

Size isn’t everything. These ultra-light notebooks stand out thanks to their durability, long battery life and enhanced video power. The new LG gram notebooks are the ideal companion for anyone who wants to work productively or enjoy multimedia content. A huge benefit for home, the office or anywhere else.

16:10 large display.

The 16:10 display has been developed to enhance your productivity and offers more information on one page with its 11% larger screen size in comparison with the 16:9 ratio. Its slim, four-sided bezel gives it the suitable design.

WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) – High resolution*.

The WQXGA display (2,560 x 1,600) offers crisp and vivid colours with its double resolution and Full HD, enabling you to complete tasks such as typing, retouching and coding efficiently.

*Only viable for 16 and 17" models.

99% DCI-P3 (type) – More colour gamut.

The new LG gram portrays your ideas in just the right colours thanks to its 99% DCI-P3 industry standard and extremely broad colour palette.

The following models are available: 

LG business monitors.

One connector. One cable. One solution!

The LG 27UK670-B, LG 32UP550W and 35BN77C-B (with USB Type-C connection) models are ideal for the office. USB Type-C is a solution that combines multiple connections into one cable. Connecting your monitor, transferring data and charging your mobile devices—these are all things you can do simply and efficiently with only one USB Type-C cable.

You have the choice whether you want to use the innovative LG Curved UltraWide format on the 35BN77C-B or would rather work in the 16:9 Ultra HD resolution on the 27UK670-B or 32UP550-W monitors. All models offer consistent, sharp colours with height and tilt adjustment, providing a good ergonomic workplace.

The following models are available: 

Ultra HD 4K monitor 32UP550-W (Bechtle #).

The 32UP550 offers more productivity on any desk with its large dimensions.

Curved UltraWide 35BN77C-B.

This curved giant brings astounding picture quality to your desk.

Ultra HD 4K monitor 32UP550-W (Bechtle #).

The 32UP550 offers more productivity on any desk with its large dimensions.

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