A stylish office.
With the Logitech premium family.

Style meets performance: Introducing the Logitech premium family, a range of products designed to be simple yet purposeful. Together, they transform the way you work – revolutionising your creative process.


A wireless keyboard with a programmable input dial. The control you need, the moment you need it. CRAFT offers complete creative control plus a first-class typing experience and an elegant design. Work quicker and more efficiently with an advanced keyboard that adapts to your current programme thanks to the dial, letting you concentrate on your work. 


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Revolutionary multi-computer control. Logitech’s flagship mouse is designed for power users and masters of their craft who want to get more done, more efficiently. MX Master 2S packs a punch with Logitech Flow that lets you seamlessly control two computers with one mouse and copy-paste content between them. Combined with other advanced features and a stunning design, it provides exceptional comfort, control, precision and customisation. 


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Premium Bluetooth® Speaker. Each element of MX Sound has been meticulously selected from the high-end drivers to the premium fabric to the motion-activated back-lit controls to deliver superior audio in a beautiful design. Sound is transmitted either via Bluetooth or a cable and you can switch between the two playback methods via the Logitech Easy-Switch.


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Ultra HD webcam for video conferencing. With 4K UHD quality, Logitech’s best ever webcam delivers the highest quality desktop video experience available. Logitech BRIO is a powerhouse packed with high-performance features, like Logitech’s RightLight™ 3 with HDR, support for facial recognition, ultra-secure sign in via an infrared sensor, background replacement technology, and USB 3.0 / Type C connections. Experience amazing face-to-face collaboration with Logitech BRIO.


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Innovative presentation control. Play it. Show it. Time it. Crush it. Meet Spotlight – a whole new standard in presentation control. Spotlight lets you navigate through slides and interact with the contents on the screen from up to 30 metres away.* Receive timed vibration alerts directly to your hand, while the advanced pointer system allows you to highlight or magnify areas in perfect detail.*


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*Depending on conditions and environment. 
**Enabled via Logitech Presentation App.