Logitech R500 Laser-Presenter.

Universal compatibility. 20 metre range. Present effortlessly!


Introducing the R500, a plug-and-play presentation remote that allows you to navigate slides and laser point from up to 20 metres away.* Thanks to the unmistakeable three-button design and R500’s comfortable, secure fit in hand, you can deliver your presentation with ease and confidence.

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Red laser pointer.

Point out precise areas of focus in your presentation with an easy-to-use and bright red laser pointer. Draw the attention of the audience to the details of your presentation on almost every background, surface and physical object.

Dual connectivity.

Connect the R500 remote to your computer via USB receiver or Bluetooth® low energy technology. A convenient, built-in dock stores the tiny USB receiver inside the remote when not in use.

Intuitive slide navigation.

The R500’s unmistakable three button design means you can navigate your presentation slides with ease and confidence without having to look down to orient your fingers.

Logitech Presentation App.

Customise button functions, monitor battery life, and set an on-screen timer from the Logitech Presentation App. Never worry about your computer going to sleep, the app keeps it awake while you present.**

20 metre operating range.

Connect your R500 to your computer via USB receiver or Bluetooth® low energy technology. Then move and present freely from as far as 20 metres away.***

Designed for a secure grip.

The R500 Laser Presentation Remote has been designed to fit snugly into the palm of your hand, and its soft rubber surface and textured buttons allow for a confident grip while presenting.

Universal compatibility.

The R500 is optimised for Windows®, Mac OS, iOS, Android™ and established presentation software including PowerPoint®, Keynote, PDF™, Google Slides™ and Prezi™ so you can be sure that the R500 will work with your presentation software and presentation device.

Smart battery management.

The R500 needs only a single AAA battery. When your battery is low, the R500 goes into a ‘power-saving’ mode—disabling the laser to extend battery life. The R500 automatically switches to deep sleep mode when not in use, so you don’t run out of power at the wrong moment.

*May vary based on use and computing conditions.
**Only available when installing software on Mac and PC.  Requires to install Logitech Presentation software, available for download here (Only compatible with Windows® 7 or later / macOS  X 10.12 or later)
***May vary based on environmental and computing conditions.