Healthy light in the workplace.

The modern workplace needs to be secure and ergonomic to be healthy. The right lighting boosts activity and motivation, concentration and performance. Poor lighting when working can quickly lead to health complaints like tension, headaches, and tired eyes as the body tries to compensate for the lacking conditions.


The more workplace lighting can adapt to the situation, the better. The challenges are wide-ranging and the lighting situation varies depending on age, time of day and the season. And then there are factors like colour temperature. Warm-white lights are calming, cool ones stimulating. The best solution is a balanced combination of daylight, general basic illumination, and custom lighting at workstations.


A flexible lighting system is the simple way to achieve very good results. Combine indirect general illumination with direct workstation lighting.

The next generation – Dynamic light.

The brightness and colour temperature of daylight changes over the course of a day and as the seasons progress.

Dynamic light is when artificial lighting adjusts to these ever-changing light situations. Intensity of illumination, light temperature, and direction of lights change, aligning with natural daylight. The entire room lighting is taken into account. This can be achieved with a daylight sensor, for example. MAUL’s LED MAULjuvis and MAULsirius floor lamps continually regulate their lighting intensity depending on the previously set value.



With MAUL. You can create healthy workplace lighting.
Innovative technology, sustainability, and a high level of functionality are marks of MAUL.