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Microsoft HoloLens – now available from Bechtle.

Mixed reality: Your world is the canvas.


Bechtle is the first and only Microsoft HoloLens reseller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A new way to see your world. 

Holograms are the next evolution in computing. The world’s first self-contained, holographic computer, Microsoft HoloLens blends your physical surroundings with tailor-made digital content such as holograms, multimedia and more for a revolutionary, breathtaking work experience.


The mixed reality headsets are available in two versions:

Development Edition or Commercial Suite. 


The Commercial Suite includes Development Edition hardware, plus a variety of enterprise features for added security and device management. A 1-year warranty is also included. 


The HoloLens can be used flexibly in the following industries: 


Architecture and design










The mixed reality headsets are available in two versions:

Development Edition or Commercial Suite.


HoloLens Development Edition.

ideal for individual developers.

A good choice for individual developers who are ready to get started. Documentation, tutorials, and community forums are standing by to support you. 


Science fiction to science fact.  

Microsoft HoloLens is made of specialised components that together enable holographic computing. The optical system works in lock-step with advanced sensors. The HPU makes light work of processing a large amount of data per second. All those components and more enable you to move freely and interact with holograms.


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Advanced optics.

Employing an advanced optical projection system, the see-through lenses generate multi-dimensional full-colour images with very low-latency so you can see holographic objects in the physical world.


Designed for comfort. Adjustable fit.

The headband is designed like a performance car with great weight distribution for a comfortable fit. Weight is distributed around the crown of your head, saving your ears or nose from undue pressure.
The adjustment wheel in the headband ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of adult head sizes.

HoloLens Commercial Suite.

ideal for organisations. Enterprise functionality. 

The Commercial Suite includes Development Edition hardware, plus a variety of enterprise features for added security and device management. A 1-year warranty is also included.


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Kiosk mode.

With HoloLens kiosk mode, you can limit which apps to run to enable demo or showcase experiences.



Work access.

Anyone in your organisation can remotely connect to the corporate network through a virtual private network on a HoloLens. HoloLens can also access Wi-Fi networks that require credentials


Azure Active Directory and next generation credentials with PIN unlock.


Data Security.

BitLocker data encryption and secure boot is enabled on HoloLens to provide the same level of security protection as any other Windows device.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for HoloLens.

Your IT department can manage multiple HoloLens devices simultaneously using solutions like Microsoft InTune. You will be able to manage settings, select apps to install and set security configurations tailored to your organisation's needs.

Windows Microsoft Store for business.

Your IT department can also set up an enterprise private store, containing only your company's apps for your specific HoloLens usage. Securely distribute your enterprise software to a selected group of enterprise users.

Windows Update for Business.

Controlled operating system updates to devices and support for long term servicing.

Flexible financing! 

The choice is yours!

At Bechtle, we add bespoke financing options to the deal so you can benefit from this exceptional tool without having to stretch your budget. Different HoloLens editions are available for purchase, hire or lease—at attractive conditions and with individual payment periods.


Invest in your digital future now.



Commercial Suite

Development Edition




€ 4.612,00


€ 2.772,00


Commercial Suite



24 months

36 months


monthly payment


from € 203,73

from € 137,17



Commercial Suite

Special trade fair bundle deals!



1-3 months

4-6 months

7-12 months

monthly payment per unit**

1 HoloLens

from € 399,00

from € 359,10

from € 319,20

2-3 HoloLens

from € 379,00

from € 341,10

from € 303,20

4-10 HoloLens

from € 349,00

from € 314,10

from € 279,20



* Hire and lease options are only available for the Commercial Suite.

** Indicated hire options are available for max. 10 headsets per customer. For more headsets, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Individual advice

How can your business make the most of HoloLens?

Profit from HCV Data services.

HCV Data is your Microsoft HoloLens specialist at Bechtle. Benefit from our comprehensive support—from the first meeting to your individual Microsoft HoloLens solution.

We are available to answer your questions on this number: +49 6123-9950-311

Mon.- Thurs. 09:30 -12:00 and 13:00-17:00 

Fridays 09:30 -12:00 and 13:00-14:00


HCV Data also offers individual workshops and trainings.


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For workshops, webinars and individual advice please get in touch with:


Lisa Wieland

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The most important Q&As on the use of mixed reality headsets in organisations. 

Testing the mixed reality headset: Torben Blankertz, IT Consultant at the Bechtle IT Systems Integrator, Cologne, reviews the HoloLens.


What makes the HoloLens stand out? What can it be used for? Norbert Lukic, Head of Sales at HCV Data Management, has the answers.