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Network Access Control.

NAC – smart security technology to keep your network safe.

Network access control, also known as NAC, keeps your network secure by authorising which end devices are granted access to company resources. NAC means tighter security through role-based policies to protect your business from malware and unauthorised network access. Because only policy-compliant devices are granted access to sensitive data.

NAC challenges.

In addition to network redundancy, increasingly complex access connections, full Wi-Fi access point coverage and high-availability core networks, the skyrocketing mobility trend is posing companies’ biggest challenges yet. This is because the proliferation of mobile end devices, whether in a CYOD or BYOD scheme, makes users more flexible and productive—but it also opens the door to hackers if no suitable security strategy is employed.


Providing a secure environment for access through personal and company-owned mobile devices should therefore be an indispensable component of your mobility strategy.

NAC for first-class security through a central resource.

Solutions by leading vendors such as HPE and Cisco empower your IT department to boost flexibility and security through policies that determine where and how users can access your company network. Our network specialists begin by conducting a workshop tailored to your situation, in which they generate a suitable strategy. They then work with our Network Competence Centres to integrate your customised NAC solution into your network infrastructure. And that means you get a turnkey solution from one single provider.






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