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Cisco Identity Service Engine.

The unlimited possibilities and new challenges of your network transformation.

Gone are the days when your business network was kept safe and sound within the physical confines of your company. Today it reaches anywhere your employees work and where data is transmitted. Mobility and the Internet of Everything (IoE) are changing the way we live and work, posing new challenges for your company as well. In addition to supporting a steadily growing pool of network-capable devices, you must also keep your network safe from countless threats anytime someone logs in.

Why Cisco?

The more advanced your network, the more complex it becomes to control access to resources, manage distinct security solutions and stay ahead of risks. That’s why today’s increasingly mobile networks require a new management and security approach.


Effective threat protection begins with a transparent overview of all users and devices in your network, as well as dynamic control to ensure corporate resources are only accessible to authorised individuals and devices. Effective threat protection begins with Cisco.

Overview of Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE).

The Cisco Identity Service Engine, also known as ISE, makes it even easier to implement consistent access control for multi-vendor wired and wireless networks as well as remote VPN connections.


Smart sensor and profiling features allow for in-depth network analytics, thereby delivering an exceptionally transparent overview of all users and devices accessing your resources. By sharing vital contextual data through technology-partner integrations and by implementing Cisco TrustSec policies for software-defined segmentation, Cisco ISE transforms your network into a security enforcer that shortens the time needed to detect and mitigate threats.


ISE uses Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) technology to share rich contextual data with integrated technology-partner solutions, thereby enhancing your ability to identify, mitigate and remediate security threats. Through its integration with leading security information and event management (SIEM) and threat defence (TD) solutions, paired with deep network visibility and secure access control, ISE plays an central role in Cisco’s rapid-threat-containment, network-as-a-sensor and network-as-an-enforcer solutions.


In doing so, ISE delivers the transparency, context and dynamic controls companies need to protect their network effectively along the entire threat timeline—managing access before an attack, gaining insight into and mitigating threats during an attack and enabling faster detection and elimination of threats following an attack.

The advantages and added value of Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE).


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