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HPE Aruba Clearpass.

Discover HPE Aruba smart policies to secure your network for better mobile and IoT security.

HPE Aruba network access control solutions increase not only network security, but also user convenience. Take advantage of smart policies that anticipate the latest developments in mobility and the Internet of Things. Full visibility and maximum adaptability give you the assurance of a secure network today and tomorrow without restricting productivity or performance.

Why HPE?

HPE Aruba ClearPass helps you conquer the security challenges of both wired and wireless networks. It replaces obsolete AAA systems with context-dependent policies for transparency, policy-based control and process automation in a closed solution.


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An overview of HPE Aruba ClearPass.

Kick your network security up a notch with HPE Aruba ClearPass, which provides visibility, policy management and workflow management on a single platform. As always, HPE Aruba supports both its own hardware as well as that of other vendors. It also offers the option to integrate a variety of third-party firewalls (e.g. Palo Alto), MSM/EMM (e.g. MobileIron) and SIEM. You can also exchange data using dedicated ClearPass extensions, syslog and APIs. In addition, you’ll be able to grant or refuse user access permissions automatically based on device type, owner status or operating system.

Policy management.

HPE Aruba ClearPass lets you define the exact policies you want and deploy them dynamically, for a more flexible, precise, simple and secure solution than VLANs, for example. Rights can be assigned based on five factors: user, device, application, time and location. You’ll be able to limit personal use to lunch breaks or break rooms, for instance, or to enable access to sensitive data only in protected environments.



Onboarding and BYOD.

Whether you want to offer your employees a true BYOD experience or simply perform a large-scale client rollout, HPE Aruba ClearPass simplifies, automates and accelerates the onboarding process while also guaranteeing that all devices are securely connected to your network.

Guest management.

HPE Aruba ClearPass offers diverse guest authentication options with significant advantages for both you and your guests compared to traditional voucher solutions. For example, visitors can self-register and have their guest account activated by any of your employees—ideal for sites without a permanently staffed reception desk. You can also allow one-click registration through social media, simplifying your guests’ experience and adding value for your marketing department. Regardless of which version you select, ClearPass guarantees secure, convenient guest access.



Real-time analytics.

Analyse your network in real time and receive automatic notifications in the event of suspicious access attempts in order to identify and eliminate threats before they occur.

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