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Aerohive Wi-Fi
for unlimited mobility.

Aerohive provides you with easy-to-implement, secure and flexibly scalable connectivity to gain completely new insights into your business. Aerohive Networks offers a package tailored to your needs, complete with secure, high-bandwidth network access and public & private cloud management as well as applications to boost business intelligence and streamline IT processes. It also delivers an architecture that able to grow with you.


Plug and Play

by Bechtle


Access protection by
Aerohive PPSK no
Single Point of Failure /
high availability



 Linerar growth

 from 1 to 1000s


Why Aerohive Wi-Fi?

Aerohive Networks is one of the most innovative companies in enterprise mobility. The distributed access infrastructure of Aerohive mobility delivers outstanding scalability, excellent reliability and investment protection. HiveManager serves as the management system for Aerohive network products and is available as a private or public cloud solution or as an on-premise version.

Overview of products.

Access points.

Aerohive 802.11ac access points are designed to optimise the mobile user experience by enhancing business features that maximise available bandwidth, prioritise and throttle traffic, and ensure reliable availability and connectivity.


The portfolio offers a range of high-capacity and cost-effective dual-radio devices for indoor and outdoor use supporting multiple temperature thresholds, power supply options, antenna configurations and security features.


Branch routers.

Available as a fully wired, wireless or VPN solution with 4G backup for small to midsized branches and mobile workers, branch routers offer no-touch remote configuration for several thousand users with a variety of PoE and radio options. The BR series supplements Aerohive’s unified mobility platform to enable a consistent solution regardless of whether users rely on a wired, wireless or remote connection.


The SR series, available with different port and PoE configurations, enables leading-edge Gigabit switching. Features include user-based QoS, storm control and multiple 802.1X authentication for simultaneous voice and data transmission. It also supports familiar switch features such as LLDP, spanning tree protocol and IGMP snooping. Combined with easy deployment and uniform policies, these features offer a seamless, premium user experience.


Cloud services and apps.

Aerohive cloud services and apps include out-of-band network management and ensure configuration, OS updates and monitoring for several thousand access points, switches and routers. They also let you manage employees’ personal devices and guest devices at company level. Also offered are individual business apps providing new information and connections through open APIs, reference applications and a partner ecosystem.


HiveManager is Aerohive’s management system for Aerohive network products. HiveManager lets you easily create policies, install firmware upgrades and configuration updates, and monitor each console from a central location.


Aerohive HiveOS is the operating system used by all Aerohive devices. It allows you to organise Aerohive devices into groups and provides features such as fast roaming, user-based access control and access-controlled firewalls as well as additional security and network functions—no central or special controller required.


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