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Cisco Nexus for cutting-edge switching in your future-proof data centre.

To Cisco, data centre switching means automated, high-performance data centres with impressive port density and low latency. The central component guaranteeing such an environment is the Cisco Nexus family of switches.


Nexus uses unified fabric technology to enable perfectly converged LAN and SAN services on a single platform, reducing management tasks and flattening the overall infrastructure. This makes Cisco Nexus an ideal solution for both traditional and fully automated next-generation data centres.


Build your automated, future-ready data centre with Cisco Nexus.


Why Cisco?


  • Better efficiency, simplified mobility for physical and virtual servers and systems, as well as end-to-end transparency for any topology
  • Considerably faster workload provisioning for physical and virtual rollouts through network automation and deployment, as well as enhanced integration with orchestration, automation tools and cloud platforms
  • Easier troubleshooting through centralised fabric management for physical and virtual workloads



Cisco Nexus solutions let you scale your company’s infrastructure in response to more complex virtual workloads and the proliferation of virtual systems—so you can successfully master the challenges of cloud computing.


  • All network locations gathered in a single, comprehensive environment
  • Efficient access to and use of resources, regardless of size or scope
  • Reliable, scalable networks with plannable performance and reduced complexity
  • Simplified management thanks to expandable fabric


Cisco Nexus solutions simplify your data centre by converging LANs and SANs using data centre bridging (DCB), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and unified ports.


  • TCO slashed by up to 50%
  • Less capital expenditure thanks to fewer host adapters, switches and cables
  • Reduced operating costs through lower energy consumption and cooling requirements as well as a smaller rack and overall data centre footprint
  • Option to implement solutions step by step instead of a one-off upgrade
  • Management and operating processes are not affected



Cisco Nexus introduces smart services directly into your network fabric. It expands your network transparently, bringing together all network locations into a single advanced environment with consistent services and policies.


  • Consistent service availability across applications and workloads
  • Automatic scaling of the capacity needed to deploy services
  • Faster application provisioning through policy-based compliance instead of modifying your physical infrastructure

Discover the different Cisco Nexus series.

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Nexus 5600

Nexus 6000


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