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IP Telephony.

IP telephony – the latest collaboration technology for maximum productivity.

IP telephony entails much more than simply switching from a phone system to an IP-based solution. It comprises a comprehensive set of collaboration technology that allows you to provide reliable connections, enhance employee productivity and stand out even further from the competition.


Voice and instant messaging services are only the beginning. Advanced features include everything from video and mobility to social media and federations with partners, suppliers and customers.

IP telephony challenges.

Modern IP connectivity clearly provides many benefits. In addition to reducing costs and improving efficiency, it also helps you ready your communication platform for the future and facilitate effective collaboration. But businesses often face various types of challenges early on:


  • Transition to all-IP
  • Cumbersome or obsolete methods of communicating within and outside your company
  • Protracted decision-making processes
  • Travel expenses
  • Integration of applications in systems such as CRM

The future of voice communication
lies with Cisco and Avaya.

By supporting your integration of right-sized, modern collaboration solutions at an affordable price, we help you simplify processes, improve employee retention and encourage innovation and growth.


These collaboration tools not only boost productivity, they’re absolutely essential to differentiating yourself as an up-to-date, attractive employer. Turn your objectives into reality using select solutions by our two leading IP telephony vendors, Cisco and Avaya.





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