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Cisco collaboration solutions.


Cisco Collaboration 2.0.

Never has it been more important to communicate efficiently. Successful businesses must build knowledge and share information ever more quickly in order to gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions early—regardless of location or device.


No longer a vision for the future, Collaboration 2.0 is the new catchword describing innovative ways of working and communicating today. Our daily work routines are streamlined by voice and video calls, meetings and instant messaging combined into a single solution streamline. Effective communication is essential not only for strategic projects, but also in everyday collaboration at the office and on the road.


Cisco Collaboration solutions offer extensive options for tackling the challenges of Germany’s transition to all-IP networks by 2018 and the potential implications of these plans for businesses.


Benefits of switching to Cisco Collaboration solutions:

  • Converged infrastructure use, easier network administration
  • Lower energy, climate-control and operating costs
  • Enhanced inter-location networks
  • ntegration with existing data centres, high availability, disaster recovery

Why Cisco? 



User behaviour is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift. The younger generation in particular is growing up with WhatsApp and similar apps. As a result, they expect state-of-the-art standards and are demanding innovative options and technology:

  • Paradigm shift, employee motivation
  • Improved efficiency
  • Direct dialling within the application
  • Softphone features
  • Integrated presence features
  • Dial-by-name and reverse lookup
  • Video telephony for important calls


Outbound communication options.

  • Direct communication with customers and parters through Cisco Spark
  • Social platforms used as project and team spaces
  • Filtering using # tags and @ feature
  • Speed and flexibility when collaborating, sharing expertise and building teams
  • Persistent access to text, video and content


Mobile solutions for working on the go—regardless of your location or device.

  • Home offices
  • Single-number reach
  • Desk sharing
  • Flexible, user-controlled call forwarding



Video communication beyond the confines of your office.

  • VVideo calls for engaging and prompt face-to-face communication using Full HD video-enabled peripherals or a soft client and headset on a local PC
  • HD video and audio for an authentic meeting experience without wasting precious time travelling
  • Video conferencing solutions for conference rooms

Overview of products. 

Are you searching for a unified voice system that meets your exact needs? We’ll assist you in putting together a custom solution from our broad product portfolio to ensure maximum collaboration flexibility and functionality. Contact our experts—they’ll be happy to help!


Interested in live demonstrations of Cisco Collaboration solutions?

Bechtle regularly conducts Collaboration 2.0 workshops to show you the options available to meet specific business requirements. These workshops—held in Cisco demo labs in Ratingen, Eschborn, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart, Germany—demonstrate the real-life opportunities afforded by Cisco Collaboration solutions.


Best of all, the workshops are free of charge. Simply register on the Bechtle events page.

Learn more about various Cisco Collaboration solutions.

Take advantage of our Cisco expertise. 

Let our certified networking solutions system engineers help you with their detailed knowledge and extensive project experience. Implement and optimise your business network strategy with Bechtle. We’ll be happy to help!


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