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Efficient lifecycle management 
for wired and wireless networks.

Cisco Prime for Enterprise is an innovative portfolio of products allowing your IT department to manage network and service deployment effectively. Cisco Prime simplifies network management, increases operational efficiency, minimises fault frequency and optimises calculability when deploying network services.

Why Cisco?

Cisco Prime Infrastructure provides full lifecycle management for converged wired and wireless networks. It combines the former Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS) with the Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS) into a single, comprehensive package, which also simplifies licence management dramatically.


Cisco Prime Infrastructure supports converged user and access management as well as extensive wireless lifecycle management. It also offers integrated configuration and monitoring features for routers and branch routers. In addition, it streamlines management for all Cisco enterprise network components and cuts operating costs by adapting network management to the processes of network operators.

Overview of Cisco Prime.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a package providing full lifecycle management for wired and wireless networks. It offers the following benefits:


  • Simplified monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting thanks to converged management
  • Reduced TCO through optimised configuration, change and compliance management
  • A better user experience and enhanced workflow management through similar interfaces and features across applications

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0.


Cisco Prime at a glance:

  • Converged lifecycle management
  • Ideal for managing wired and wireless access to main-campus and branch-office networks
  • Transparency when verifying and ensuring application performance
  • Faster, easier deployment and troubleshooting
  • Simpler compliance audits

Example of wireless environment.

In today’s digital age, many business divisions are focusing more of their attention on Wi-Fi—because they each need high-performance, full-coverage Wi-Fi that’s available round the clock. At the same time, end devices are multiplying rapidly and the number of apps available is exploding.



The challenge is not only to build a secure, powerful wireless network, but also to make it appealing for employees, through BYOD or personal Wi-Fi use, for example.

Wie kann die Cisco Prime Infrastructure bei zukünftigen Herausforderungen helfen?


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