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HPE Management Solutions.

Consistent management 
on a single platform with HPE management solutions.

The management solutions offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise not only make your networks more secure, powerful and easy to administer, they also allow you to manage multi-vendor infrastructures on a single platform. Imagine your data centre uses Arista routers and switches, your wireless network relies on Cisco technology and client access is handled by HPE Aruba—you can fully manage all of these solutions on a single interface and make far-reaching changes like restructuring VLANs in just a few clicks. Mixed environments, using both Cisco wireless and HPE Aruba wireless, for example, can also be administered consistently across the board.

Why HPE?

HPE offers two universal management solutions, each with a different core focus.

The HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC).

is optimised for data centre environments containing any and all brands of routers, switches and servers.

HPE Aruba Airwave.

is the perfect solution for campus networks, offering full integration of wireless solutions. It focuses in particular on eliminating connectivity issues before they even occur.

Product details.

HPE management solutions are designed to be modular in order to meet any requirements flexibly. Each one supports the full FCAPS model, comprising fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security.

Fault detection and troubleshooting.

HPE management solutions enable you to detect and troubleshoot faults quickly—often before they occur. A single click is all it takes to see, for example, whether a poor Wi-Fi connection is due to coverage, authentication, the DHCP server or DNS. In multi-layer designs, you’ll be able to determine immediately where a hardware issue has occurred. You can also define which cases will automatically initiate action as well as when you want to be notified and when a log entry is sufficient.


Configuration management and simplification.

Save existing configurations in order to recover them at any time. And multiple options are available if you ever want to modify anything. You can rely on integrated wizards, e.g. to automatically deploy a new VLAN to all devices. Or create your own configuration templates or rollout existing scripts that have been modified to the relevant device types. You can also save templates to assign to new devices automatically.

Accounting for a better overview.

Analyse your network traffic and determine who is generating it, for instance to correctly invoice your services to other in-house departments.


Performance for a more powerful.

View your past or real-time load to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities. Monitor user behaviour down to the application level and instruct network management to respond dynamically in order to prioritise key services. Wi-Fi performance data can also be viewed and optimised in real time. Make it easier for your data centre to manage and rollout new virtual machines.


Security for wired and wireless networks.

Are you worried about Wi-Fi security? As a matter of fact, wired networks are much more dangerous. But don’t worry, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has you covered for both.

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