Prime Computer – Your new Green IT hardware partner for climate-neutral solutions.


Prime Computer was founded to develop and produce IT hardware in accordance with economic, social and ecological aspects. The fanless design and the high-quality components in the mini PCs and servers allow for maximum reliability, unrivalled energy efficiency and an extremely long life that enables customers to reduce resource consumption and their carbon footprint and also significantly lower operating costs.




5-year warranty


Compact form factor


100% climate neutral

PrimeMini Connect Bundle

incl. IGEL OS + 3 years Maintenance

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PrimeMini IoT Bundle

incl. IGEL OS + 3 years Maintenance

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Fanless and reliable
mini PCs and servers from Switzerland.


The innovative mini PCs and servers can be used wherever space is at a premium, but where reliability, dirt-resistance, whisper-quiet operations, design, power consumption and high hygiene standards are important. This includes in:




The public sector








Manufacturing and industrial production


IoT applications


And many more
Prime Computer features at a glance:
  • Fanless design – All Prime Computer products are passively cooled thanks to the special aluminium housing milled from a single block. They run completely silently, are dirt and dust-resistant and don’t require regular maintenance, significantly boosting reliability.
  • The mini PCs are ultra-compact, yet elegant and can be used anywhere space is at a premium. The compact servers can either be used free-standing or mounted into a 19" rack.
  • These mini PCs and servers consume much less power thanks to the extremely efficient processors with built-in video cards, reducing energy bills and CO2.
  • Easy to wipe down and disinfect. Thanks to the fanless design, these products don’t blow dust around or spread bacteria.
  • Can be used in environments with temperatures ranging between -20 and +40°C. Designed for continuous operation.
  • The PrimeMini 5 and PrimeMini IoT are IP51-certified.
  • Can be configured according to individual need and easily retrofitted.
  • All products are developed and assembled in Switzerland and come with a 5-year warranty.
Prime Computer product portfolio.
Smartly designed for
sustainable IT solutions.


Up until now, the IT industry has mostly escaped the media and political attention others with a large carbon footprint have been getting, but that is changing. A company’s IT hardware has to be climate-neutral to achieve the ambitious climate targets set and Prime Computer is dedicated to the cause. The fanless PCs and servers stand out from the competition thanks to their extremely long productive lives, high levels of reliability and energy efficiency, thus protecting valuable resources and significantly reducing operating costs. But Prime Computer goes one step further by offsetting the entire company’s carbon footprint and that of its products for the first five years of use. Prime Computer and Prime Computer products are, therefore, 100% climate neutral. The more customers use electricity from sustainable sources to run their mini PCs and servers, the more climate positive the IT hardware is.

Prime Computer is, therefore, very proud that its PrimeMini 5 won the international Green Product Award in 2021. Scoring highly in terms of design, innovation and sustainability in the Workspace category, the PrimeMini 5 was crowned the best product on the market.

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