Conference and meetings

A new meeting culture.


Online conferences have become a cornerstone of the business world this year, so we’ve put together a selection of professional solutions from Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Logitech, EPOS, Poly, Barco and Zoom.


One day, long into the future, we’ll look back at 2020 and remember it as the year virtual meetings finally entered the mainstream of corporate culture. Even today, we all know that conferences with participants who are dispersed across offices can be more efficient and productive than in-person meetings, but only with the right technology


We’ve asked some experts in the world of conferencing and meetings to share with us their top tips for current products. From all-in-one video conferencing systems and specialist conference cameras to software solutions—we’ve got all the bases covered. Online meetings are no fad. They are here to stay. That’s why it’s worth investing in sophisticated solutions today to secure your business’s long-term future. Your new meetings start right here.


Microsoft Surface Hub 2S.
A new form of collaboration.

If you have a brilliant idea, you’ll want to make sure you can present it well at your next meeting. Preferably on a large display to inspire the other participants, and interactively so that everyone can work on developing the idea together. Look no further than the stylish Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. Modern teams work flexibly. Ideas develop everywhere. And the Surface Hub 2 moves with you. No matter if in a conference room or workspace, with its thin design and mobile APC battery, you can go wherever ideas strike. The far-field microphones, crystal-clear speaker, bright 4K display and Surface Hub 2 camera ensure that all participants can be seen and heard. Hassle-free collaboration across devices is child’s play with Whiteboard and Miracast and, thanks to the seamless integration of Office 365, your team can use the apps they know and trust.



Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500.
Simple meetings. Maximum productivity

Imagine the situation. All participants turn up on time and the meeting begins. Ideas are shared, sketched out and developed. When the meeting is over, everyone is up-to-date. Nobody paid a second thought to the technology. The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 makes such productive meetings a matter of course. The all-in-one device for conference rooms is easy to install, user-friendly and the key to efficiency. The intelligent, compact design ensures it fits perfectly into rooms of all sizes. With its anti-glare, rotating display, integrated video feature and 360° microphones with Dolby® Audio, it’ll feel like everyone is sitting at the same table. Start your meeting on time at the push of a button and share content over Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

ThinkSmart Hub 500 Teams Top  ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ZOOM


Logitech MeetUp.
Start a meeting in a snap.

Sometimes, all you want to do is get your team together, but you don’t need a complex infrastructure to be able to hold a simple meeting. In MeetUp, Logitech has developed a simple yet effective all-in-one conference camera that’s perfect for spontaneous meetings in small rooms with up to six participants. MeetUp’s 120° field-of-view and high-quality 4K images ensure that all meeting participants are clearly visible in the best image quality possible. The integrated audio output is optimised for small rooms and, thanks to the optionally available MeetUp expansion microphone, you can even invite another two people to take part. The optional TV wall mount enables the camera to be easily attached to the meeting room display and also ensures practical and simple installation.



Connect with your world.

EPOS doesn’t do things by halves. The EXPAND series is a premium range developed for professional collaboration for those who need to work seamlessly with their team no matter where they are. The devices are ideal for use in the office or on the go as all EXPAND solutions are portable, extremely easy to use and give you the freedom to turn any room into a virtual meeting space no matter where you are in the world. Connect up the speakerphones and you’ll enjoy outstanding sound that guarantees everyone in the room will have their voices heard, giving dispersed teams the opportunity to focus on the topics at hand. Make meetings more efficient and productive for you, your staff and your customers with the EPOS EXPAND series.



Barco ClickShare Conference. 
Effective collaboration is only a click away.

You’re in a meeting and you’d like to present an idea. You’ve got what you need on your notebook and would love to be able to share it with everyone with just a single click. No problem with Barco’s simple yet intuitive solution. With ClickShare, you can bring your meeting to the meeting room (BYOM)! All you have to do is connect the dongle, press the button and away you go! ClickShare uses existing audio and video peripheral infrastructures and works with all conferencing platforms (UC). Intuitive collaboration, hassle-free sharing and robust security are part and parcel of ClickShare. The Conferencing Button and Collaboration App with their range of innovative features work together to enable a seamless meeting experience.



The next generation of video conferencing solutions.

Poly has created connections that enable seamless collaboration. The California-based company has many years’ experience in the field of conferencing solutions, which is clear to see in their sophisticated products. Right around the corner from them in San José is Zoom and together, the companies are aiming to make virtual collaboration even simpler. Poly’s landline, conference phones, as well as its hands-free kits, are certified for Zoom Phone, thus providing a seamless audio conferencing experience, plus their solutions are specifically developed for Zoom Rooms meaning you can get connected in the blink of an eye. Poly’s headsets are well-known for their excellent sound quality meaning you will always be clearly heard and understood in Zoom meetings when using Zoom Phone. The Poly and Zoom tie-up makes online conferences simple and efficient.



Modern video communication for all.

While we’re on the topic, Zoom has taken the world of enterprise communication by storm this year. The popular cloud platform for video and audio conferences, collaboration, chat, phone systems and webinars on mobile devices, desktops and room-based systems offers a simple and reliable communications solution for every company and organisation. Dispersed teams can collaborate via Zoom, achieving more together. Zoom Rooms is the leading software-based conference room solution delivering video and audio conferences with wireless content sharing. It is perfect for every meeting and conference room – from huddle spaces to training centres. Simply use with your existing standard hardware and away you go!