New in IT –
The latest trends to pick up your pace!

Enhance your workplace with these new products. 


It’s the season of change. Summer’s coming to a close. Colleagues are reconvening after their holidays. OOO replies are becoming rarer again. And exciting new products are waiting to be discovered. A lot has happened while you were away. It’s time we brought you up to speed..


Apple and Dell have launched new notebooks that are among the most secure yet, answering the call of organisations everywhere. Lenovo and Shuttle feature new mini PCs for office workers and employees in the field. Microsoft continues to drive collaboration with the Surface Hub 2S, while Philips, Cyrus and Datalogic unveiled more robust solutions for dictation, telephony and scanning. There’s something new for everyone to harness the summer, recharge and hit the ground running.


Apple MacBook Pro.

The best just got better..

The new MacBook Pro is the culmination of years of experience. Equipped with Touch Bar, Touch ID and the Apple T2 Security Chip, it is the most secure MacBook yet, coming at a time when security is on everyone’s lips in the business world. Despite its iron-clad defences, all files and functions remain readily accessible with Apple’s trademark convenience. Add to that the impressive Retina display and a full day’s worth of battery life, and pro users need look no further than the MacBook Pro.




Dell Latitude 7400 Convertible.

Ready when you are.

The Latitude knows when you’re ready to go. Just sit down and ExpressSign-In wakes up and unlocks your notebook in seconds. Thanks to the IR camera and Windows Hello, that’s really all you need to do. And when you leave your device, it will automatically lock down again and keep your sensitive data safe. The Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display, Active Pen-support, a thin bezel and long battery life turn the versatile convertible into a truly premium device.




Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 NANO.

Ultra-compact, powerful, and versatile!

Set the bar anew with the latest Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 NANO! With latest generation Intel® processors and SSD storage, it makes your daily computer work child’s play. The 0.35 l enclosure makes the M90n-1 Nano 65% smaller than the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny, meaning it fits effortlessly into any office environment.  See the versatility of the Nano for yourself—its Tiny-In-One (TIO) compatibility lets it connect to other screens and USB-C docking stations. The Nano features impressive military standard 810G durability and security features.  Similarly to a smartphone, it can receive e-mails, VoIP calls, and instant messages in sleep mode.




Shuttle P90 models.

Power your success.

Shuttle has become synonymous with powerful PCs packaged in small designs. The company’s all-in-ones are often deployed at points of sale or in interactive kiosks where they need to seamlessly blend with a variety of settings. The new P90 models are splash-protected to IP54 requirements and are also suitable for use in dusty environments. Their fanless design means they can also be used continuously in settings where fan noise would be too distracting. The devices can be custom tailored to specific needs, with a choice of different processors (Core i3 or Core i5), RAM sizes and colours. A multi-touch display, NVMe SSD, video ports, WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity give you plenty of ways to create an outstanding user experience.




Microsoft Surface Hub 2S.

Teamwork the way you want it.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S is built for team collaboration. The interactive whiteboard lets you share your ideas the way you want, where you want. Modern teams work flexibly. Ideas develop everywhere. The new Surface Hub 2S fits in with this agile way of working. People are able to connect from anywhere and be heard and seen. A 4K display and camera, highly sensitive far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers enable team members to interact at any time. Miracast and Office 365 stream all content to the big screen. You won’t remember how you were even able to work as a team before.




Philips speech recognition microphone.

Create documents more quickly and easily with SpeechMike Premium Air.

Our speech recognition-certified dictation microphone is recommended by leading vendors of speech recognition software. Thousands of users around the globe also confirm that speech recognition is nearly flawless with SpeechMike. With its anti-bacterial housing and decoupled high-end microphone system, Philips is the very definition of professionalism when it comes to modern speech recognition. Philips AirBridge is your prefect companion, enabling the use of SpeechMike Premium Air without a docking station.




Cyrus CM17 HYBRID, CS22 XA and CS45 XA.

Outdoor phones for harsh environments.

Challenging business requires tough equipment. The new Cyrus phones prove themselves to be real all-rounders. Despite robust haptics, these devices sport powerful chip sets and untiring batteries, all in your hand. Efficiently reach contacts with just the touch of a fingertip using the PTT button. And you can call for help in seconds thanks to the SOS button. An additional special key provides quick access to individual apps, that thanks to the Android operating system can be installed as normal. The comprehensive memory and wireless chargeable battery ensures a high level of endurance. The devices are also water, drop, and dust resistant, and made for every challenge you come up against in daily life..




Datalogic PowerScan 95X1 AR.

Reliable hand-held barcode scanner.

In a warehouse or other industrial environment you need a barcode scanner that is fast, accurate, and works at various distances. The new PowerScan 95X1 AR from Datalogic has a powerful autofocus system that allows it to read both 1D and 2D codes from a distance of 15 cm to up to 20 m. For closeup applications, a special LED lighting system projects a convenient field-of-view indicator to stay on target, while a laser aimer makes even long-distance captures a breeze. The PowerScan 95X1 Auto Range (AR) is available as a wired and wireless model with STAR Cordless System or Bluetooth.