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Why is e-mail security so important and how can electronic communication be secured?

Take a moment and think about how many e-mails you send each day. Probably quite a few! And how many of those are encrypted? In all likelihood very few if any. 
E-mail encryption is incredibly important these days as e-mail is the most commonly used means of communication in businesses—a fact hackers are all too aware of. With a few sneaky tricks, they can gain access to the e-mail system and confidential information, encrypt data so that it is no longer usable or deploy malware. 

If your competitors should get hold of your offers and use them for their own products, the impact on your business could be acute, plus if the worst comes to the worst, decrypting data tends to be very time-consuming and costly.

But with SEPPmail, it doesn’t have to be that way! The e-mail security specialist makes sure that you can send your e-mails securely and in compliance with the GDPR—without having to do anything yourself.

Seppmail E-Mail Security


SEPPmail’s standard encryption technologies ensure secure e-mail traffic the entire way between sender and recipient, thus completely eliminating data spying, CEO fraud, unauthorised access to confidential information and content manipulation.

If you also integrate a digital signature, you can always be sure that the e-mail received is definitely from the person you think it is meaning you won’t so easily be tricked by phishing e-mails.

With Large File Transfer, you can even send any size e-mail attachment completely securely and encrypted. 

All secure e-mail features are are also available in a convenient cloud solution.


SEPPmail’s e-mail encryption solution supports all common standards such as S/MIME, TLS, OpenPGP and domain encryption. Spontaneous encrypted e-mail communication is child’s play with SEPPmail patented GINA technology even when the recipient doesn’t have their own keys. 



To make sure e-mails received are really from the person you think they are and haven’t been manipulated, they should be digitally signed. For this, a certificate is required that the SEPPmail appliance requests completely automatically from an accredited authority as soon as the user sends out their first e-mail. These certificate authorities (CAs) then prove that the certificate belongs to a specific person. This process is supported by all e-mail clients and the recipient doesn’t need any specific software components or tools to check the signatures. The only thing to do is define in advance who should sign the e-mails. All other public key infrastructure (PKI) process steps are managed by the SEPPmail solution itself.



In addition to signatures and e-mail encryption, SEPPmail offers a solution for the easy transmission of oversized files in Large File Transfer (LFT). LFT prevents the recipient’s system from blocking the incoming e-mail as a result of it exceeding the maximum file size. 



The SEPPmail product portfolio also includes central e-mail disclaimer management (CDM) with which the appliance can centrally add corporate information to e-mails. Using external LDAP data sets (e.g. Microsoft AD) you can even add personalised sender information. On the one hand, CDM gives e-mails a uniform look and allows individual details to be added, while on the other, it delivers legal protection through uniform e-mail disclaimers.


SEPPMAIL.CLOUD. provides all secure e-mail gateway features such as e-mail encryption, signatures and Large File Transfer also as a cloud solution. This means you don’t have to worry about on-site installation, but can still rely on simplicity and security as is always right up-to-date. What’s more, includes leading filters to prevent all kinds of spam, phishing and malware thanks to an outstanding detection rate.



No matter the industry or company size, e-mail security is essential for holistic cybersecurity.

From SMEs and large enterprises, financial services providers and lawyers, authorities and healthcare institutions, SEPPmail counts over 10,000 customer domains.

Looking to protect yourself from cybercriminals? Want to be sure that your e-mails are really coming from who you think they are?

Then get in touch! Your account manager will be happy to help you!

Markus Meleka
Markus Meleka

Business Operations Manager Security

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