The only certified Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp: For meetings without the handshake.


Collaboration has never been easier!

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Always smarter meetings.

Introducing the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp.


The interactive, next-generation 4K 176.6 cm (69.5") display – the world’s first certified for Skype for Business!


In order to make meetings really effective, participants need to be able to quickly and easily share ideas without technology getting in their way no matter where in the world they are.


The Windows Collaboration Display enables better space utilisation and more productive and creative collaboration in meetings, boardrooms and training rooms.


The display comes with a microphone, high-quality camera and an IoT sensor hub. It meets Microsoft’s specifications and works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Always smarter buildings.

With its IoT sensor hub containing a comprehensive array of sensor endpoints, you can monitor the meeting environment in your smart building, looking at areas such as:

  • Meeting occupancy
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Ambient light
  • Air quality levels


This spatial intelligence offers the chance for better heating, cooling, and meeting room booking systems which together create a more comfortable meeting room environment. Organisers and participants no longer need to waste time adjusting a room’s ambient conditions thanks to the software solution, Sharp WorkSpaces, which automatically optimises conditions in each room depending on the number of participants and what the room will be used for.

Simply much easier.

Experience shows that you can lose up to 10 minutes waiting for the meeting to start and in setting up video conferencing. Not anymore! Simply  plug and play. Its USB-C cable enables you to connect quickly and easily so you can just get started.


This USB-C is also used for the latest Windows and Apple Mac notebooks and enables fast, high-bandwidth data transfer for multiple functions, including 4K video and internet connections.

Windows Collaboration Display awards.



  • 2019 Top New Technology (TNT) Award for displays. CE Pro and Commercial Integrator magazines.
  • Best New Collaboration Board in the 2019 Best of ISE Awards. rAVe publications.

The Sharp Windows Collaboration Display has been awarded with a Crestron Connected® certificate, which demonstrates employees can focus on more important tasks instead of having to spend time on setting up meeting rooms.

Fast, precise control.

With its 10-point Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology and direct optical bonding, it provides a more accurate and natural Pen-on-Paper® experience. Writing on-screen is just as quick and effortless as writing on a flipchart or whiteboard. By using either a finger or pen, notes and comments can be quickly added as simple text or by drawing freehand to highlight changes and annotate the information on-screen. Comes with a Passive pen as standard—a powerful and ergonomic stylus that sits comfortably in the hand.

Effortless device sharing.

The in-built Wireless Casting works with Windows™ and Android™ devices. As a result, you can effortlessly connect your own device to the display and easily share information.


Up to five* devices can be connected simultaneously and, with the touch back control, you can control screen content either from the display or the source device, making the Windows collaboration display ideal for dynamic workgroups, discussions or interactive training sessions as it enables you to work more efficiently, encourages active participation and provides a more effective way of learning.


The Windows collaboration display’s Picture by Picture (PbP) mode allows for multiple device engagement, showing up to two different connected devices out of the five possible options.


*USB-C x 2, Wireless x 2, HDMI x 1

Stylish design.

The display has an attractive and elegant edge to edge design that looks good in even the most prestigious corporate boardroom:

  • The On Screen Display (OSD) buttons are discretely located on the front for quick and easy control.
  • The high quality video conferencing camera and IoT sensor hub have been integrated neatly on the top of the display.
  • An integrated directional microphone picks up sound within a range of 4-6 metres.

Integrated camera and IoT Sensor Hub.

OSD buttons.

The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp...
  • accelerates collaboration: Users can collaborate instantly and without training, resulting in greater engagement and interactivity.
  • creates confidence: Users feel more confident and ready to take part by presenting and sharing information.
  • boosts concentration levels: Users can concentrate on provisioning content without be distracted by the technology.
Data sheet: Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp
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Report: What does a perfect meeting environment look like?
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