Toshiba dynaEdge solution with AR smart glasses.

Data-protected workflow views are now a reality.

What's your vision for business efficiency?


Get ready for a revolutionary way to help workforces work better!

The Toshiba dynaEdge DE-100 alone is a high-performance Windows 10-based mobile computer, but combined with the Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 Viewer smart glasses, it is simply unbeatable.


An Assisted Reality solution enabling field professionals to work hands-free and thus more efficiently.



The dynaEdge DE-100 with AR100 Viewer integrates seamlessly with your current infrastructure

and can be tailored according to your business needs. The dynaEdge with smart glasses actively empowers your workers through a range of hands-free tasks and processes:


  • ‘See-What-I-See’ functionality allows onsite technicians to connect with remote experts.
  • Information about the latest product updates and procedures (‘Remote Knowledge’)
  • Display of important documents directly in the employee’s field of vision
  • Real-time recording of the field of view for training or documentation purposes
  • Workflow information, i.e. work instructions sent directly and in real time to employees






Combines the power of Windows 10 and Intel® Core™ processor technology and offers up to 512 GB internal memory as well as enterprise-ready security features.  The Toshiba dynaEdge with smart glasses is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your company’s infrastructure.


Together, the compact, belt-worn dynaEdge DE-100 and the head-mounted AR100 Viewer form a powerful team that doesn’t weigh you down. There are several ways to wear the AR100 Viewer so you can comfortably use the AR solution all day long.


There are now various configurable software options, either directly from Toshiba or from third parties. The dynaEdge not only offers ready-to-use functions, but is also the basis for solutions that are tailored to particular business requirements.


The AR100 display can be worn in front of either eye. Thanks to this and the two microphones, speaker, sensors and camera, the user always has his hands free to work.


Using the latest Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth® technologies, the dynaEdge DE-100 with AR100 Viewer easily integrates into the corporate network in order to send and receive data, transmit live video and identify objects.


As a wireless solution, the dynaEdge DE-100 has a removable battery. An optional charger for four batteries is also available, so you can rely on smooth operation during working hours.


Thanks to its high-resolution camera, the dynaEdge AR100 Viewer records or transmits live videos and can also take photos and read barcodes.


The 640 x 360 dynaEdge AR100 micro display provides space for everything you need—from documents to videos and more—without restricting the wearer’s field of vision.


The Toshiba AR solution offers several input and operating methods, such as the touchpad and programmable buttons on the AR100 Viewer and the control buttons on the dynaEdge DE-100 portable mini PC. Extended software options also allow voice and gesture control.

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