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Are you openly inviting attackers?





Consumerisation and complex networks.



Productivity is increasing through the large number of device types and applications. Companies no longer have limits. Attackers are constantly looking for other ways to penetrate these new environments, using increasingly intelligent threats.


The strain on your IT resources can be drastically eased thanks to efficient Trend Micro solutions that that are tailored to and integrated with user-specific and specialized customer platforms, enterprise business applications and cloud applications.

USERS: Flexible deployment models support flexible user-based licensing that allows you to combine and compare local, cloud and hybrid deployment models.


DEVICES: Protects users on any device, anywhere, with real-time global threat analysis coupled with the highest level of protection available across all levels of security.


CLOUD: Provides the flexibility to adapt to a dynamic, local, cloud-based and hybrid IT environment at any time.


MANAGEMENT: Centralised management offers complete transparency and control for more local and cloud-based security levels plus a user oriented view of the environment. You can rely on comprehensive dashboards that give you a quick overview of the status, immediately identify threats, and respond directly to incidents.

More complex cyber threats.



The threat landscape used to be black and white–you kept the bad stuff out and let the good stuff in—quickly and efficiently. Now it’s harder to tell the good from the bad. The ‘grey’ areas like targeted attacks, zero-day exploits, ransomware, and malware require more advanced threat defence techniques.


The innovative Trent Micro solutions are powered by a unique blend of cross-generational XGen™ threat defence techniques and market-leading global threat intelligence that provides effective protection against a multitude of today’s threats.

XGen™ Security is based on the conviction that there is no one “next-gen” method that can block all types of threats.


XGen™ Security connects endpoints, applications, mail servers and gateways.


XGen™ Security constantly filters out threats without false positive reports


XGen™ Security combines signature-less methods (such as machine learning, behavioural analysis, threat protection, global dissemination testing, application control, exploit code blocking and known harmless file checking) with other methods, including file reputation, web reputation and command and control (C&C) communication blocking.


XGen™ Security supports Trend Micro Connected Threat Defence,

to react to and protect against detected complex attacks. It also provides a holistic view of your company's networks, endpoints and hybrid cloud environments.

General data protection regulation.



The EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The regulation aims to standardise data protection legislation in the EU and update data protection laws.


There is no silver bullet for the basic data protection regulation. By providing appropriate technologies, companies can implement a multi-layered, state-of-the-art cyber-security strategy that helps ensure data protection and therefore compliance with the GDPR.


helps to detect and protect personal data from malicious or inadvertent disclosure.


ENDPOINT ENCRYPTION protects personal data in the event that a device is lost or stolen.


E-MAIL-ENCRYPTION allows personal data to be retrieved only by authorised recipients.


XGEN™ SECURITY protects against the full range of known and unknown threats with a cross-generational mix of threat prevention techniques that apply the right method at the right time.


CENTRALISED MANAGEMENT provides complete visibility and control across multiple security levels and the ability to analyse and evaluate the impact of threats. You can quickly report incidents across the enterprise when reporting security breaches within the required 72 hours.


Protect users from gateway to endpoint with maximum XGen™ security.

See intelligent protection in action.

Maximum protection with XGen™ Endpoint Security.

Every application, every device – protection wherever you are.

Protect your users and business data with intelligent, flexible protection that is always one step ahead of the latest threats. See how Trend Micro endpoint security gives you multi-layered, powerful threat protection plus centralised visibility and control from a single management console.

Smart Protection Complete Suite.

This suite closes security gaps in all user activities at each endpoint and provides optimal protection at multiple security levels. It is also being continually developed in order to identify new threats.


Minimise the impact by allowing users to keep on working and reduce administrative overheads with centralised insights into endpoint, email, Web, and SaaS services. Flexible deployment is also available locally, in the cloud, or in a combination of both.




Smart Protection for Endpoints Suite.

With comprehensive anti-malware techniques, this powerful endpoint security suite protects virtual and physical desktops from today's ever-changing threats.


Multi-level threat protection and data security help protect users and corporate information on all devices and applications. In addition, you benefit from the flexibility of the cloud and the advantages of user-specific management as with Smart Protection Complete.