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Upgrade your applications, your clouds and your business.


The digital future is now.


Inspired by major technological advances and growing user demand, the digital business world is advancing in leaps and bounds. With the increase in the number of devices and explosive growth of applications and data, the number of options and possibilities is also exponentially rising.


VMware vSphere® 6.5 is the solid foundation for modern infrastructures, having been specifically developed to fulfil the requirements of diverse environments and digitally savvy customers.

Reasons to upgrade to vSphere® 6.5

The more digitalisation progresses, the more urgent it becomes to develop IT infrastructures that can stay ahead of new challenges.


VMware vSphere is the industry leading virtualisation platform and essential foundation for the software-designed data centre.

Some of the benefits of upgrading to vSphere® 6.5  for your IT:


Simplified customer experience for scalable automation and management    




Comprehensive built-in security for protecting data, infrastructure, and access   




Universal app platform for running any app, anywhere    




Proactive data centre management to eliminate potential problems before they arise   

The future’s closer than you think – make sure you’re ready.

Equipped with the right basics, you won’t just get by in the digital business world, you’ll gain a serious competitive edge. Stay one step ahead with vSphere® 6.5 and proactively satisfy both your company’s and customers’ requirements.


Once you have upgraded to vSphere® 6.5, you’ll have a highly available and future-proof infrastructure at your fingertips to help you conquer any new challenges and obstacles the digital age throws at you.

Which vSphere edition is right for you?

Your last vSphere purchase was based on your needs at the time. This upgrade is a great opportunity for you to re-consider which edition of vSphere is right for your company’s current and future needs.


Only VMware offers a comprehensive family of technology solutions for private and public cloud. VMware helps customers get ready to adopt public clouds by implementing a fully virtualized, software-defined modernized infrastructure that can extend across private- and public-cloud environments.


Customers should first upgrade to vSphere® 6.5 to get ready for moving applications to compatible cloud service providers, and continue toward a software-defined environment with virtualization across compute (vSphere), storage (VMware vSAN™), and networking (VMware NSX®), and enhance this environment with unified management (VMware vRealize® Suite).


With a modern infrastructure, customers can choose the best placement of workloads and move applications to public clouds while managing across public and private clouds with common enterprise management, security, and policies. Customers can preserve investments in VMware technologies, tools, and knowledge while gaining cloud freedom and control.

vSAN: industry-leading software for hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI).


Virtualising your storage environment is a core building block for the software defined data centre. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to establish a storage platform for virtual machines, vSAN is the solution for you. Formerly known as Virtual SAN, vSAN by VMware lets you easily virtualise your existing VMware environment. So you can keep using your preferred software provider for data backup, file services and much more.



  • No risks, because you’re just leveraging your existing tools and skillsets
  • Compatible with all hardware manufacturers
  • Protects previous storage infrastructure investments
  • Drastically reduces TCO: lower initial investments, use of affordable flash memory

Seamless integration into vSphere features eases you into the world of HCI. The solution can be expanded at any time with other VMware SDDC and multi-cloud offers. vSAN is the only HCI solution that enhances modern SAN and NAS storage systems with VM-centric policies and automated deployment.



For the dynamic multi-cloud models of the future.

vSAN lets you scale your storage resources exactly in line with your requirements, along with faster deployment and simplified administration – with your existing tools and team. Smart analysis features, enhanced monitoring and automation on a VM basis simplifies trouble shooting and performance adjustment. With vSAN, your infrastructure can best respond to your business critical applications in addition to the container based applications of tomorrow—and the dynamic multi-cloud models of the future.

Ready for the next step?


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