watchguard unified security

Cybersecurity on ONE platform.

Unified security makes it easier.

Disconnected security is not just difficult to manage; it makes identifying threats and vulnerabilities nearly impossible. WatchGuard’s Unified Security PlatformTM enables organisations to enhance and extend their security mechanisms. At the same time, operational effort can be reduced and risk mitigation can be simplified with user-oriented security approaches.

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Simplification by means of centralisation.

Cybersecurity can be complex and the technologies required to keep up with cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated. By centralising the security functions, all these technologies are combined in one platform that companies without their own security teams can easily use. It’s about providing tools and resources that simplify security management while giving companies the level of security they need—not just today, but in the future. WatchGuard has made this their mission and want to make delivering the smartest security portfolio as easy as possible. This is at the heart of everything they do.

“A lack of a unified cybersecurity strategy is the number 1 reason organisations fall victim to a ransomware attack.” – Pulse

and control.

WatchGuard Cloud is the central management interface with visualisation and reporting tools for the entire Unified Security Platform.




A complete portfolio of endpoint, multi-factor authentication, and network security products and services for protecting environments, users, and devices.



A fully integrated platform for adopting a zero-trust security posture via WatchGuard’s Identity Framework and deploying a true XDR-based approach to threat detection and remediation via ThreatSyncTM.



Simplified operations with direct API access, a rich ecosystem of out-of-the-box integrations and support for all payment and consumption models via FlexPaTM.



WatchGuard’s Automation CoreTM brings simplification and scale to every aspect of security consumption, delivery, and management..


Instant access to WatchGuard online demos.

No installation, no time and expense. WatchGuard online demos allow users to view, touch and test endpoint security, multi-factor authentication and the entire cloud environment.


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Endpoint Security Defeating Ransomware

Zero-trust Network Risk Based


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