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Are you ready for the World Cup??

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia on 14 June! Your preparations are probably well under way: you’ve memorised the schedule and blocked your calendar. You know where and who you're watching all the matches with. The latest strip now takes pride of place in your wardrobe, you and your friends have your team’s line-up and tactics to a T and all the bets are placed. Your fridge and barbecue are on point thanks to the capacity upgrade two summers ago. But what about your viewing equipment? We’re here to make sure things don’t go pear-shaped entertainment-wise.

  • Zoom in on the big picture with a brilliant Acer projector      
  • Join in on the action with a new monitor from Acer or Dell
  • Show your colours on your mouse with the Logitech M238 Fan Collection
  • Catch games on the go with the Microsoft Surface Pro LTE
  • Wrap up work just before the match with a Samsung SSD
  • Don’t miss a thing when traffic peaks. Is your network up to the challenge?

Zoom into the big picture.

Acer projectors for brilliant viewing

Nothing beats an edge-of-your-seat night of world-class football with your friends. To make sure that everyone can immerse themselves in the action and no-one misses out, an Acer projector is the way to go. Native 4K UHD resolution delivers a stunningly smooth picture from a wide range of different source devices so you stay right on target for your next “team meeting” at home.


Acer M550.

Stunning visuals with native 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR.

Catch every dive with true 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for a detailed, true-to-life picture that puts you at the heart of the action. A picture diagonal of 120" will transport you to the stadia. A bright 2,900 ANSI lumens means those daytime matches look just as good with bold colours and sharp contrasts. Thanks to built-in frame interpolation you’ll see every detail of every pass, no matter how intricate.




Acer V7850.

Watch breath-taking tackles in 4K.

The Acer V7850 projector, with its sharp 4K 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution lets you experience the game up close. High Dynamic Range (HDR) and UHD standard Rec. 2020 are child's play to this projector. Acer AcuMotion Frame interpolation ensures beautiful transitions in fast picture sequences for viewing that's easy on the eyes. And its colour wheel means that the Acer V7850 can authentically replicate a wide range of colours.


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Acer VL7860.

Little laser, big performance.

Don’t be fooled by the ultra-compact design of the Acer VL786—you’re dealing the genuine article. It's easily in the premier league, playing an intensive game with native 4K UHD images and laser quality. But where is really shines is its brightness of up to 3000 ANSI lumens, in addition to its high colour consistency with an sRGB colour standard, and a dynamic black contrast of 1,500,000:1.­ With these qualities, you can be sure of crystal clear projection in all lighting conditions.


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Live action.

Acer and Dell monitors.

Get the right perspective with these elegant, sophisticated, and practical monitors. Become an indispensable team player and immerse yourself in the action. Keep your eye on the ball with Dell curved monitors and Acer business professionals.


Dell UltraSharp U3818DW Monitor.

Curve your enthusiasm.

Every day, Dell curved monitors inspire thousands of fans. With a 37.5" WQHD+ (3840 x 1600) monitor, the Dell U3818DW delivers razor-sharp images with 25% more screen content than a 34" monitor. And thanks to a screen ratio of 21:9, you can experience a panoramic view of the match, without straining your eyes. What's more, you'll get crystal-clear chanting and singing direct to your sofa with a powerful internal 9W speaker. With its generous viewing angle and bezel-less InfinityEdge design, this monitor is a sure team favourite..


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Acer B246WLymdprx Monitor. 

Great for everyday business, perfect for football frenzies.

The Acer Business Series delivers the best ergonomics for intensive every day use together with sophisticated technology and high functionality. Qualities that show this monitor has its tactics well thought out. Its quick reaction times, wide viewing angle and low energy consumption make the B246WLymdprx a key player. Its many ways of adjustment, including pivoting, let you easily position it perfectly. And with its 1920 x 1200 Full HD image, you'll get the best results in any position.


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Dell C5518QT 4K-Touch-Monitor.

Impressive size and exceptional image clarity.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the brilliant 4K resolution and enjoy razor sharp, vivid images thanks to consistent colours and a wide viewing angle. The anti-glare touch screen, featuring anti-smudge coating, reduces distracting reflections and fingerprints to give you the full picture. Its large size makes it perfect for groups, whether you’re working or watching the match. What’s more, innovative InGlass™ Technology enables intuitive interaction via touch or styluses, with up to 20 touch points.


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Show your colours on your mouse. 

Logitech M238 Fan Collection.

If you think a mouse has to be black or white or grey, you’ll have to think again. The M238 now comes in all the colours that represent the passion, verve and zeal of your favourite team, from the heart of Europe to the southern tip of America. Embrace your team's colours, wave your flag and make it clear where your loyalties lie with the Logitech Fan Collection for your favourite team.


Logitech M238 Fan Collection.

Enjoy the World Cup to the max – untethered.

Available now, and for a limited time only, the Fan Collection mice come emblazoned with the flags of Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain. And yes, there’s one for Italy, too. Because there’s no such thing as a World Cup without them—they have won it four times, after all! The battery’s in and ready to be used and with a 12-month life will last long past the final whistle. The mouse works with all popular operating systems with a nano receiver and a range of up to 10 m. Three buttons, a scroll wheel, 1000 dpi sensor and Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking make for a sound office mouse with an exclusive look.


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Catch games on the go. 

Stay on the ball online.

When it’s all or nothing, when important decisions have to be taken, when you can’t afford any interruptions—LTE is the way to go. Pair with Microsoft Surface Pro for best results. So you miss nothing—even on the go.


Microsoft Surface Pro. 

Never miss another decision with LTE Advanced.

Public internet connections not up to your professional requirements? Need higher security standards? Can’t work with slow connections? Travelling internationally and don't want to compromise on connectivity? Seven hidden antennas and the unbeatable Surface design score for you? Need a long battery life that can keep up with your performance? Then our World Cup guide takes you directly to the Microsoft Surface Pro! (Of course you can leave the World Cup live countdown running!) Just hook up an external 4K UHD monitor for the final. Enjoy!)


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Wrap up work just before the match

Samsung SSDs.

It’s always good to see the younger players on the pitch. When it's performance, agility and speed that matter, the new generation has the upper hand. Samsung SSDs with NMVe take it to the next level. Send EVO and PRO on now.


Samsung SSD 970 EVO and 970 PRO. 

Exemplary – reliable and untiring.

Your team has to play an intense game to deliver high performance. Processor components, too, have to work together perfectly to deliver. With the 970 EVO SSD, experience speed and precision in a whole new league thanks to NVM (non-volatile memory) express protocol. With racing speeds, handle graphic intense tasks with ease and watch 4K video in the right setting. Up to 3,300 MB/s read and up to 2,500 or 2,700 MB/s set the standards. And its storage capacity comes in at up to 2TB in a compact format. Thanks to cutting edge V-NAND storage technology and time-proven Samsung quality, the 970 EVO and 970 PRO are reliable and untiring.

970 PRO.

  • Available capacities: 512 GB and 1 TB
  • Samsung Phoenix controller with up to 1 GB LPDDR4-SDRAM

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970 EVO.

  • Available capacities: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
  • Samsung Phoenix controller with up to 2 GB LPDDR4-SDRAM

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Don't miss a thing when traffic peaks.

Is your network up to the challenge? 

To avoid your network collapsing on the pitch, make sure that you can show a smooth, stable live stream will be—because nothing's worse than the viewing being over before the match. Keep your feet on home turf with network surveillance software PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler. Monitor your LANs, WANS, servers, switches, websites, devices, URLs, and traffic and take a proactive approach to avoid problems and downtime to keep in the spirit of the game.


With PRTG you only need a single monitoring tool with technologies such as SNMP, WMI, SSH, flows and packet sniffing, Ping, HTTP requests and SQL. PRTG offers more than 200 sensor types (measuring points) for all of the common network services and enables precise long-term evaluations to document SLAs, recognise behavioural patterns and analyse and troubleshoot problems. So you can watch the match in peace.


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