A little extra - studying at Bechtle.

Investing in young talent is key at Bechtle. Here’s an overview of how we encourage it and what we offer.




We stand by our employees. All trainees and  students are assigned their own mentor,  so you know who to turn to from day one.



Technical setup.

Our trainees and students receive their own notebook when they start. Moreover, you’ll be in a cutting-edge workplace with corresponding technology. 
from day one.


The Bechtle Academy.

The Bechtle Academy offers everyone the opportunity for personal and professional development, for example through special training events or our trainee camp.



Staying on.

Our retention rate is very high. When you start your traineeship or dual-study programme with us, you can be quite certain that we’ll keep you on after you’ve finished.




The IT industry has a strong future ahead of it—and so do our traineeships and jobs.


Meaningful work.

Our trainees and students are given real responsibilities early on.



Our study programme is very hands-on with many different departments. Everyone is given the freedom to take initiative and pursue their ideas.



One Bechtle.

At Bechtle, everyone is part of a strong, connected team. We also have a special network for trainees and students that includes all Bechtle locations.


We are an excellent employer: