Bachelor of Arts – Corporate Taxation, Business Accounting and Finance.

This degree covers taxation, finance, accounting and the law. Are you interested in learning how business administration, finance and the law work together? Are you an ambitious team player who is good with numbers? Then keep reading to find out if this dual-study programme is right for you.


At a glance.

In addition to learning about how corporations and financial processes are taxed, you’ll gain an understanding of national and international accounting, auditing and the legal framework underpinning entrepreneurial activity. During your time at Bechtle, you’ll gain insight into bookkeeping and the preparation of monthly and annual reports as well as complex tax statements for partnerships and corporations. You’ll also discover how annual planning works at Bechtle AG.

  • Status: Academic profession
  • Type of education: Academic profession
  • Training period: 3 years 
  • Training sites: Company and cooperative state university
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts


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