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Bechtle’s full training range.

Our employees have to be able to do a certain amount. And are always learning. And that applies to our Azubis, too. Our Bechtle Academy features a wide range of training offers. Here is just a small selection.

Look forward to Mikado.

It’s where everything begins. Our induction event. Mikado is our very special kick-off event at headquarters for all new Azubis.

Some 200 Azubis from across Germany come together to get to know each other, network, and have fun. For two whole days, it’s information, communication, and entertainment. We want to create a common foundation from day one, a platform for exchange and making connections. There are interesting talks from Azubis, experts, Managing Directors, and the Executive Board—you’ll learn everything about Bechtle you need, from the various sectors and services to the culture and aims of our company. And there’s a fun framework programme.



Being professional – Phone communication.

This is a phone training session for customer-oriented conversations.

The aim of the seminar is to learn how to be confident on the phone, conduct calls positively and engagingly, with open questions and handling lots of information with a personal approach.


Hardware and network basics.

The seminar Hardware Basics teaches you about past, current, and future technologies.

In the Network Foundations seminar, you’ll learn how to implement operational data and communication networks in line with your needs thanks to practical customer examples.


BAC - Bechtle Azubi Camp.


Bechtle Azubi Camp takes place in the first year of training. Together with around 20 other Azubis, you’ll take part in three days of exciting, intensive training. The aim is to fully prepare you for your professional life at Bechtle.

The seminars focus on:

  • My workstation – Intelligent time and self-management
  • My working world – Ready to start my career
  • Me as a brand ambassador – The social media workshop

Preparation for written final exam.

At the end of the training, you need to prove what you’ve learned. The Bechtle Academy makes sure you’re very well prepared for the range of written tests. The most important topics are revised, and test-oriented questions assess your knowledge for when you need it.

We support you in these subjects with test preparation:

  • Economics and social studies
  • Business economics
  • Accounting