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Computer Science Experts specialising in Software Development.

Computer Science Experts specialising in Software Development enjoy programming and developing applications. Does technology fascinate you? Are you a logical, mathematical thinker? Are you persistent, with an eye for detail? Are you eager to put your expertise to work for others and willing to be flexible? Then you’ve got what it takes for this job.


At a glance.

As a Computer Science Expert specialising in Software Development, you’ll design and develop software programs based on your clients’ requirements. You’ll also test existing applications and fix errors. Other tasks include advising and training clients or other users, for instance in-house employees.

  • Status: Recognised occupation
  • Type of education: Alternance training
  • Training period: 3 years for regular traineeship, 2.5 years for accelerated traineeship
  • Training sites: Company and vocational school


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