Warehouse Logistics Expert.

This occupation is perfect for anyone who likes managing logistical flows. Are you looking for a job that keeps you active? Do the intricacies of warehouse logistics intrigue? Are you responsible, diligent and motivated? Then keep reading.

At a glance.

As a Warehouse Logistics Expert, you’ll receive incoming goods, examine shipments and ensure products are warehoused optimally. You’ll also handle outgoing consignments. In addition, you’ll help improve the flow of information and merchandise within your company—from purchase to sale.

The training you’ll get for this job at Bechtle is first-rate. In 2013, one of our own was named the top trainee in Baden-Württemberg.


  • Status: Recognised occupation
  • Type of education: Alternance training
  • Training period: 3 years for regular traineeship, 2.5 years for accelerated traineeship
  • Training sites: Company and vocational school


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