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Vocational training Management Assistants for Wholesale and Foreign Trade.

Management Assistants for Wholesale and Foreign Trade spend their days buying and selling goods. They must be able to calculate and negotiate shrewdly. Are you drawn to both commerce and maths? Do you communicate well and enjoy interacting with others? Are you a team player and motivated to do a good job? Then find out if this is the job for you

At a glance.

As a Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade, your workday will comprise a variety of tasks such as purchasing goods, negotiating purchase prices and delivery terms, selling goods, calculating prices and maintaining customer relationships.

  • Status: Recognised occupation
  • Type of education: Alternance training
  • Training period: 3 years for regular traineeship, 2.5 years for accelerated traineeship
  • Training sites: Company and vocational school


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