AZUBIT - Sep 19, 2019

Azubi Mikado 2019.

by Laura Walouch

Our annual Azubi Mikado took place once again this year at Bechtle Platz 1 and was attended by 208 new Azubis and students. I was there as well and I’d like to share with you some of my impressions as well as some of those of the new Azubis.

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Laura Walouch
Vocational training: Office Management Assistant


The Azubi Mikado kicked off after lunch with a welcome from the central training supervisors, which was followed by a presentation on Bechtle AG that covered the founding of the company, Bechtle’s business model, Vision 2030, the Bechtle brands, and its values.



After the presentation, those Azubis who are not based in Neckarsulm had the time to check in to their hotels and change for the evening event which had a Bavarian theme and took place at a location outside of Bechtle.

The Azubis were able to prove their mettle in a serious of challenges such as tug-o´-war and wheelbarrow races.

There was also a DJ and delicious Bavarian food.


Day two started with a presentation about the central vocational and further training opportunities at Bechtle given by the two heads of training. This was followed by a presentation on the AZUBIT Initiative, which I was also a part of. We were so surprised that so many Azubis approached us afterwards with their questions. It was so great that it created so much interest.


The day carried on with a presentation with a few facts and figures about Bechtle plus one about the central warehouse. During the lunch break, we carried out a few interviews for our Instagram account during which the Azubis reported on their personal highlights of the event. They were all really enthusiastic and praised the induction week. Another highlight was the Q&A session with CEO Dr Olemotz. He was asked a variety of questions ranging from business-related to very personal. Sadly, there was hardly enough time to completely satisfy curiosity. The final part of the day was a photo shoot of the whole group taken by a drone.



I really enjoyed taking part in the Azubi Mikado this year as I was able to experience it from a completely new perspective.

I’d like to wish all new Azubis a lot of fun and success in their time here at Bechtle.


Kind regards,


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This post was published on Sep 19, 2019.