AZUBIT - Jan 9, 2020

Azubis do their bit for conservation!

by Karrar Al-Majmaie

To round off the year, we CIO Azubis thought about launching a joint project and eventually decided to focus on the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) as they had an ongoing project to collect and recycle old mobile phones and accessories.

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Karrar Al-Majmaie
Vocational training: Computer Science Expert – System Integration


After a quick brainstorming session, we contacted the society.

They very helpfully gave us some initial information about the process in which boxes are made available to collect the obsolete devices, and its these boxes which we strategically placed all around Bechtle Platz 1.



After a month, we went round and collected the boxed and sorted through their contents before sending it on to AfB—a non-profit IT company that employs people with disabilities.

During the month, we collected 103 power cables, 72 mobile phones, 36 smartphones, three tablets, three MPS players and all kinds of accessories.



AfB checks the old phones and accessories to see if they can be recycled meaning some are spruced up and resold while those that can’t be used anymore are disposed of environmentally or the raw materials are salvaged for future use.

The refurbished devices are sold in AfB’s own shop and a share of the profits are passed on to NABU.



NABU launched this project back in 2011 and they invest the money they make in protecting insects.

Last year alone, 58,000 mobile phones were collected resulting in revenues of €93,398.

So, thank you for your support! We hope we were able to contribute in some way to protecting our natural world with our initiative.


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This post was published on Jan 9, 2020.