AZUBIT - Aug 14, 2019

BAC – Azubis get a head start at Bechtle.

by Franziska Krampe

Almost all of us have asked ourselves at some point what etiquette guides would say about how we should behave in certain situations. What is absolutely taboo? This was something I found difficult to answer....until I took part in BAC 2019.

Written by

Franziska Krampe
Vocational training: Office Management Assistant


Today, I’d like to tell you all about my experiences there.


You’re probably asking yourselves what BAC is, what happens there, who can take part and when it takes place and it’s exactly these questions I’ll answer for you here.

The Bechtle Azubi Camp (BAC) invites new trainees and students of the cooperative university to one week at the Evangelische Tagungsstätte event location in Löwenstein, south-west Germany. The seminar plan for the week ranged from everything Office 2016 to business etiquette, and in the workshop “Personal appearance - The key to success”, we learned all about business manners as well as those particular to Bechtle.


The BAC is a great opportunity to get to know all the other Azubis at the Bechtle systems integrators and business areas. Each Azubi and student must take part in the BAC no matter their field of study during the course of their first year. As not everyone can attend at the same time, the event is held several times a year. I attended in May with a total of 24 fellow Azubis from a variety of locations.


The individual seminar days introduced me to some content and subjects that were new to me plus I was able to build on my experience of Office with some useful hints and tips. My personal highlight was the seminar on personal appearance as it answered all of my questions about business etiquette and attire.


That evening, we also got to enjoy a business dinner. 



The evenings after the seminars were of course also made full use of and there was definitely no time to feel bored. We had barbeques, played team and strategy games, and established connections and friendships.

Here are a few pictures:


The Bechtle Azubi Camp will definitely stay with me for a long time.


Lots of love from Aachen.

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This post was published on Aug 14, 2019.