AZUBIT - Aug 28, 2020

Bechtle Azubis driving digitalisation.

by Karrar Al-Majmaie

I started my training at Bechtle AG two years ago, initially in the User & Service Support department, where I helped my colleagues with a whole range of computer issues.

Written by

Karrar Al-Majmaie
Vocational training: Computer Science Expert – System Integration


One of my jobs was to prepare new notebooks which saw
colleagues bringing their notebooks to our office where we completed the following form.

Once that’d been done, one of us got down to work. More often than not, someone rang up asking about their device leading to an extensive search as we were getting around 30 notebooks every day. 
As soon as the notebook was finished, we sent an e-mail to the colleague letting them know they could come and pick it up. Until that point, the devices were stored in a cupboard and we hoped the right piece of paper always stayed with the right device.

If I visit the department now, I can see that the this old paper-based system has been consigned to history and that’s all down to two of my Azubi colleagues.


Jan Fröhlich and Kevin Popp have completely digitalised the process by implementing a digital system for checking hardware in and out.
Instead of paper and pens, there is a digital form that can be easily accessed online. This has also put an end to endless searching as it is easy to look up a device’s status. 

The highlight for me is the cupboard, which has now been replaced with a shelving unit with 25 compartments, each compartment with its own small ePaper display. As soon as someone comes to pick up their device, all they need to do is search for their name on the display.


Talking to Jan and Kevin, they told me how well the project had gone with the department giving them the freedom and support they needed from the very start. They were provided with the technical equipment they needed (server, access point and 25 displays) and their colleagues were always on hand to answer any questions.
I’m amazed at how well this project has been realised and what Azubis are able to do at Bechtle. It’s also great to reduce the amount of wasted paper!😉

All the best,
Karrar 😊

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This post was published on Aug 28, 2020.