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End of training: My time at Bechtle is not over yet!

Hi I’m Justine, I’m 22 years old and in the final stages of my three-year training as an office management assistant. At the beginning of May, I wrote my final written exams in the subjects Customer Relations Processes, Economics and Social Studies and German. I’m currently preparing for my oral exam that will take place in July.

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Vocational training: Office Management Assistant


For my oral exam, I chose two topics related to management and controlling and human resources. In accounting, I main tasks was editing incoming invoices. In human resources, on the other hand, I worked on creating work contracts and letters of reference for Bechtle employees. It is important that the topics chosen are tasks that I have covered in my training period. But exactly what form does the oral examination take? I have written a short report on each topic, which has already been submitted to the IHK. On the day of the oral exam, one of these topics will be chosen and I'll hold a short presentation on it. Afterwards, the IHK examiner will hold a 30-minute discussion with me on the topic. For the written exams, there were various exam revision sessions, such as a one in accounting, which I was allowed to attend online during my working hours. Looking back, this helped me a lot in preparing for my exams. It’s great that Bechtle offers this exam preparation and supports us trainees with it.

In that sense, my time as an apprentice is now over. It was a wonderful time full of exciting and challenging moments in which I was able to develop both personally and professionally. During my training period, I was able to meet many great people and take on tasks that were fun! In addition, I always had the opportunity to find the area of responsibility that suits me best. In fact, though, my future at Bechtle is not over. Since April 2022, I have been hired as a full-time professional, which means that after my oral exam I will work in my team as a full member of staff. This means that in future I will be working in the Service Centre (employee support) in the HR department. This is a match made in heaven, since I am a trained assistant for office management with a focus on human resources I was also assigned to the HR department for most of my training and went through the different areas such as recruiting, employee support and the service centre. I immediately realised that human resources was the right department for me! 


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This post was published on Jun 1, 2022.