AZUBIT - Jul 26, 2021

Every great journey begins with a first step. My apprenticeship at Bechtle.

by Franziska Krampe

Hello you, yes, I mean you, It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since I began my vocational training at Bechtle Aachen. Time has flown by and it feels like forever ago since I first sent in my application for AZUBIT. Let’s take a little trip back through time and go over the highlights, shall we?

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Franziska Krampe
Vocational training: Office Management Assistant


It all began in January 2018, just a few days before my 18th birthday, when I received the e-mail from Bechtle that I had been waiting for. I was overwhelmed with joy by receiving this early birthday present. I’m still wondering how I didn’t jump up on the table and dance in front of the Managing Director when I was signing the contract. :D But that wasn’t quite it. Before I could start my training, I had yet to sit my exams. I was thrilled nonetheless. On 01/08/2018 my patience paid off. My first day at Bechtle Aachen. I can remember it well. I was ready to take my first steps into the world of work at a company like Bechtle—an unbeatable feeling. But let’s talk business: Why did I apply for AZUBIT in the first place? Fasten your seatbelts, as this is going to knock your socks off. Or maybe not. But that should have set the right scene. :D

I joined AZUBIT because I was completely won over by the campaign around it. AZUBIT is a great way of showing students what vocational training at Bechtle is like, and who could do a better job at sharing these insights that than someone undergoing training themself? It’s precisely for this reason that I wanted to join AZUBIT. It seemed like the perfect chance to tell the world about vocational training at Bechtle and to talk about my experiences. Another highlight are the many fun-packed AZUBIT workshops. You probably have to see it to believe it, but I can guarantee you that it’s fun to get together and just brainstorm ideas. It was not only in the context of AZUBIT but also through the many seminars I visited that I got to meet new colleagues from various locations. But I also got to meet many people at our location here in Aachen who have become my friends.

This is my very own personal highlight of my training. With these words I would like to say farewell and thank everyone I met along the way and wish them the best for the future. I will still be working at Bechtle Aachen’s QSA department, now my training has ended. I’ll never forget my time at AZUBIT and am already looking forward to reading one of your blog posts on here someday.

PS: Don’t forget to apply at Bechtle 😊

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This post was published on Jul 26, 2021.