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Exam tips.

by Jens Eimermacher

The midterm exams came round much faster than I expected mostly because I had quite a lot of other things to deal with in my first year such as getting to know a new department and sitting college exams. It’s really important to prepare yourself well for the midterm.

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Jens Eimermacher
Vocational training: IT Systems Business Manager


I’d known the date of it for over a year thanks to the information on the Chamber of Commerce’s website and I recommend you make a note of it in both business AND private calendars Set a reminder 3-4 months beforehand so that you have enough time to get ready.
You’ll also be sent an invitation around 4 weeks before the date of the exam where you can check its exact date, time and location.

And while we are on the subject of preparation, I’d like to pass on some tips.



Exam tips:

1) Study using previous years’ exams. There are so many exam coaches and study guides, but the only way to get used to the Chamber of Commerce’s formulations and expectation is my working your way through their previous years’ exams. It will also be a good guide to which topics you have a good handle on and which need a little more work.
You can get hold of these exams plus example answers from the U-Form publishing house in Solingen.

2) Set up a study group at work or at school and meet regularly so that you can discuss particular topics. (Some colleges even offer preparation courses.)

3) Keep an eye on the date. When will the exam take place? How much time do I still have to prepare? Are there any appointments beforehand that might distract me from learning?

4) Stay cool. It sounds obvious, but it’s important. This exam has no effect on the final exam or on your certificate. It’s only purpose is to give you an idea of where you are and be a dry run for the real thing.

5) Maybe don’t spend the evening before your exam watching TV. Do some sport or have a look again at some of the practice exercises you found easy. This will help you calm any nerves, so you can get a good night’s sleep. :)
It’s not a good idea to look over the trickier subjects that you struggled with. It’s too late to get to grips with these and you’ll end up driving yourself mad


When thinking about these tips, I asked the other AZUBITS for their thoughts, and so they aren’t exclusively my ideas, but the more one was mentioned, the further up the list I put it. At this point, I’d like to thank my AZUBIT colleagues for their help.

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This post was published on Dec 18, 2019.